Vlerick Business School leads by example through digital

21 December, 2021 | John De Wever
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Together with The Reference, Vlerick Business School is launching its brand-new website. Its main aim is to better direct students and professionals to the extensive range of programmes offered by the internationally renowned business school. In addition, the website will play an essential role in the alumni activities and the publication of insights from its research projects.


More than ever, Vlerick is a place of transformation and a catalyst for positive change. A place where students and managers learn what it means to have an impact, to make a difference and to build the future together. Among other things, Vlerick reinforces this vision through its philosophy ‘Live.Learn.Leap’. Make your dreams come true, keep learning and have the courage to take a leap forward.

In line with its philosophy

This is exactly what Vlerick itself is doing – forging ahead. For example, the business school has significantly expanded its curriculum with both offline and online programmes within the Masters, MBA and other management programmes that it offers. All with the ambition of constantly renewing its programmes and adapting them to the demands of the market and companies. At the same time, the business school makes every effort to keep alumni from all over the world actively involved in its network. This allows Vlerick to provide its students with added value long after graduation, due to the numerous advantages and opportunities it offers. In addition, Vlerick is increasingly positioning itself as a partner for companies including by offering customised programmes, recruitment opportunities and collaboration formulas. Vlerick also conducts numerous research projects, the insights of which it shares publicly in the form of articles, books, case studies and dissertations.

It's great working with a partner that keeps its goals in mind and makes the technology choices dependent on that.

Patrick De Greve, General Director of Vlerick Business School

Digital road forward

Vlerick has joined forces with the digital agency The Reference for the realisation of its three objectives: making its immense range of programmes digitally accessible, activating and supporting the alumni online, and aligning the website with the business school’s new branding. The collaboration started with an extensive, strategic preliminary stage in which the ambitions and objectives were further refined. In addition, The Reference created a forum for critical debate about the technological choices that should allow Vlerick to remain a fast and agile organisation in the future.

Vlerick School

The future is composable

Assisted by its digital partner, Vlerick made the progressive choice to resolutely opt for a composable technology architecture. This was the most innovative option on the table, by means of which it immediately put its own Live.Learn.Leap vision into practice. This composable technology architecture is based on the MACH principle, which stands for microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless. In concrete terms, this is a set of carefully selected technologies that are connected to one another to form a single, all-encompassing platform. And all tailored to the specific context of a company or organisation. Kontent by Kentico, a headless CMS that offers user-friendly content management tools for marketers and allows developers to build on the most ideal user experience in parallel, plays a central role in Vlerick's technology architecture.

Technology as a means, not a goal

‘This forward-thinking choice gives Vlerick a scalable and future-oriented solution that will allow us to respond flexibly to changes in the market using the most appropriate tools and technologies,’ says Pieter Van Londersele, Account Manager at The Reference. ‘It's great working with a partner that keeps its goals in mind and makes the technology choices dependent on that, rather than the other way around,’ he adds. ‘We can look back at the start of an excellent and sustainable long-term partnership with great satisfaction,’ concludes Isabel Donvil, Managing Director of The Reference.

‘The strength of a strong partnership depends on the extent to which you have the courage to respectfully question each other's ideas and beliefs, while both keeping your eyes on the goal,’ says Patrick De Greve, General Director of Vlerick Business School. ‘A role that The Reference has fulfilled very well indeed throughout the entire project.’

The new website is live and can be viewed at www.vlerick.com. After the launch, Vlerick Business School confirmed its confidence in The Reference by entering into a commitment with them to continue to improve the digital platform in the future and to supplement it with new functions.

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