Fedrus International launches new VMZINC website with The Reference

24 May, 2022 | Lazlo Cootmans
VM Zinc roof

VMZINC has launched a brand-new website to efficiently offer relevant product information about its zinc products to building professionals. The new platform is based on in-depth integrations with the back-end systems of Fedrus International and offers the building blocks to quickly take the digital step forward for other brands in the group.

Together with The Reference, Fedrus International - a leading international player in the field of facade and roofing materials - looked for ways to optimize the digital customer experience of their VMZINC brand.

Architects and building owners use the VMZINC website to find the right rolled zinc products for their building projects, while professionals in the field use this same platform to find information on how to get started with these products. It is therefore crucial for VMZINC to always provide the most accurate and recent information tailored to the visitor.

VM Zinc all platforms

Kentico Xperience and Pimcore

We kicked off this project with interviews with customers and architects. Then we designed a digital solution in which the digital experience platform Kentico Xperience is seamlessly integrated with Pimcore. This product information management system contains comprehensive and detailed information about the products Fedrus International offers through different brands and platforms.

Optimal workflow

Thanks to the integration with Pimcore, this information can be made available on the website automatically without having to enter it manually into the CMS. This optimizes the workload for the content manager and ensures that website visitors always find the most accurate and recent product information through the site's powerful search function and filtered navigation.

In addition, visuals such as product photos and film are automatically loaded onto the website through integration with the Fedrus International digital asset management solution that was deployed earlier.

VM Zinc mobile

Building blocks

With this new VMZINC website, Fedrus International also has the building blocks to give other brand websites within the group a similar digital upgrade. Pages and components can be reused relatively quickly within a different brand identity and other products can be loaded automatically via the same Pimcore integration.

The new VMZINC website, which is live today in five languages, is a first step in a digital roadmap that Fedrus International is realizing together with The Reference. At the moment, we are working on a further rollout for about 20 additional countries and languages, and preparations are underway for a similar website for the group's EPDM offering. Simultaneously, marketing automation and personalization are on the agenda, with a strong focus on a compliant and integrated approach to visitor data, across the various brand sites.

VM Zinc roof

Have a look

The new VMZINC website can now be visited here. Feel free to have a look!

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