Sibelco launches innovative new website

23 February, 2022 | John De Wever
Sibelco workers

Sibelco has launched a new website that focuses on their extensive product range and its numerous applications. Together with The Reference, the global specialist in material solutions has built a future-oriented platform that enables them to respond quickly to changing customer needs and other evolutions in the market.

After Sibelco set out the guidelines for a renewed business strategy, it became clear they required a new digital platform to help them realize these ambitions. With The Reference as a digital partner, they explored several solutions that allow them to respond flexibly to the ever-faster changing needs of customers and stakeholders, while at the same time making their product range more accessible.

With this composable architecture provided by The Reference, we have created a robust foundation at Sibelco on which we can further build our digital future.

Tim Weekes, VP Communications, Sibelco

Composable technology architecture

After a thorough analysis, The Reference advised Sibelco to make the transition to a modern composable architecture. It combines various tools and platforms using APIs to form one accessible total solution. Moreover, this approach enables Sibelco to seamlessly integrate the website with existing applications within the organization and to quickly add or replace new technologies in the future based on current needs.

An important role in this extensive project is reserved for Kontent by Kentico as a headless CMS, supplemented by the powerful search functionalities of Algolia and Next.js on the front-end side. In addition, the website was integrated with the digital assets management platform Bynder.

Sibelco all platforms

Robust foundation

“With this composable architecture provided by The Reference, we have created a robust foundation at Sibelco on which we can further build our digital future,” says Tim Weekes, VP Communications at Sibelco. “We will continue to optimize the new website and investigate further integration possibilities with other systems and additional languages as required.”

Account manager Hilde De Paepe of The Reference looks back with satisfaction: “Our collaboration with Sibelco quickly developed into an intense partnership in which trust and fast communication are key. It enabled us to act quickly and to achieve a result that everyone can be proud of. Sibelco is resolutely taking the more daring and future-oriented way forward and chose a solution with a composable architecture that will prove its added value for a long time to come.”

The new Sibelco website is now live at

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