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The future rewritten: understanding the impact of Generative AI

Our AI captain Thomas explains how Generative AI is changing our digital world fast, presenting lots of opportunities and hurdles. It is at the cutting edge of innovation and promises to change the way we work and use technology. However, the integration of GenAI can create complex scenarios where we must balance technological advances while keeping our human principles and values.

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Expertise meets agility: Discover the power of hybrid collaborations

Step into the future with our Hybrid Collaborations service. Discover the power of agency and expert staffing synergy, creating a bridge between external expertise and your specific needs. Navigate digital challenges and unlock unparalleled growth. Let's explore, evolve, and excel together.

Barry Loekenbach

Barry Loekenbach joins The Reference

Excited to announce that Barry Loekenbach has joined us as Director Digital Engagement for the Netherlands. To highlight his arrival and to initiate our business expansion in the Netherlands, we've successfully organized an exclusive event in Rotterdam with keynotes by two of our trusted clients Atlas Copco and LensOnline.

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