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What is is the headless CMS that enables organizations to have complete control over content to speed up time to market and engage meaningfully with audiences across channels. In the platform, governance underpins all operations and workflows. Content creators collaborate in real time, making it easier to land on the best ideas, reduce bottlenecks, and maximize the impact of everything that is created.

It is an API-first cloud-native solution, so developers can use their favorite technologies, languages, and frameworks to deliver seamless experiences that look and feel great on any channel. as a member of the MACH alliance is built on modern MACH principles. This means: 

  • Microservices Based: enables you to build your digital experience on microservices. In other words, you can start small and expand as your business grows.
  • API-First: ensures API first development. This means that the platform’s functionalities make it easy to compose and extend your digital experience.
  • Cloud Native SaaS: does not require installation or maintenance because updates take place instantly and automatically.
  • Headless: enables developers to build frond-end and back-end separately, making it much easier to serve content to a variety of websites, apps, and other channels.

The benefits of

Apart from being a clean, well-structured, and intuitive platform, has lots of other benefits:

  • It is the perfect collaboration tool: to make the collaboration of your team easier, you can comment on specific content, make suggestions, or even start discussions about certain items.
  • It has Web Spotlight: via this tool, you can update content right within the pages of your website(s). Changes can be made in seconds, without wondering how everything will look once it is published.
  • You can use Webhooks: Webhooks provide an event-based notification mechanism. When you do specific changes, a webhook goes off that forwards this information to other systems.
  • You can compare and restore versions: You can compare versions of an item. If you decide that a change is not needed, you can easily revert to a previous version. provides seamless, comfortable experiences for users powered by a modern tech stack.

Sandra Flossie, Functional Analyst

For whom is valuable? can be valuable for any kind of business that needs a platform to manage content. It can also be relevant for businesses that have difficulties in finding consistency across languages, regions, and audiences. This is mostly the case with larger, international companies.


The use of within the company offers advantages for various teams. The content teams will benefit the most, as they have access to a full suite of collaborative and project management tools to have more control over what gets published. This guarantees more consistency and higher quality content across the different channels. Next to the content teams, the marketers also reap benefits from the platform because it provides them with intuitive planning, authoring, and delivery tools to produce content for any channel, without requiring help from developers.

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Why we are your partner

Our approach 

After careful analysis of the requirements, we have four main tasks when it comes to implementing First, we insert the content models into the system. These are basically templates or forms that can be used as relationships between your content. Our next step is to define and insert users into the platform. Before we do this, we need to have a clear picture of the tasks and responsibilities of every person working in the platform. When all of this is done, we start with defining workflows. Workflows indicate in which state different content is. These can vary depending on the project. As a final step, we make sure webhooks can be addressed. This allows you to integrate with other apps and automate your processes.

To get the full value out of, you need a partner you can trust to deliver your implementation, on time and on budget. Next to our many certified profiles on the platform, we have a lot of experience in setting-up the platform. It is therefore safe to say that we know the dos and don'ts very well.

Take a look at a few of our best cases

Vlerick website

Vlerick Business School

Discover how we created a composable technology architecture for Vlerick Business School. 

Sibelco employees


A MACH-based composable website for Sibelco

Materialise logo


To stay futureproof, Materialise decided to switch to a composable/MACH-based architecture with as headless CMS. The entire project was executed in a co-development setup between The Reference and an internal team from Materialise. 

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We prefer working together in a two-way conversation to determine if a specific solution is right for you, as we believe in a platform agnostic approach to technology. 

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