DATS 24 partnered with us to enhance its B2B services through a mobile app, streamline operations with a portal for fleet managers, and improve customer experience by revamping its corporate website.

Driving sustainability through cutting-edge digital interfaces at DATS 24

DATS 24, a sustainable energy pioneer for over 50 years, is on a mission to make green energy accessible to all. Since June 2023, they are part of Virya Energy, the energy holding of Colruyt Group and Korys. Proudly recognized as the most loved brand in the fuel sector and the top choice in the energy sector according to Test Aankoop, DATS 24 offers a network of strategically located fuel stations, charging points, and 100% green household energy. With innovative solutions, fair pricing, and a focus on alternatives like CNG and hydrogen, they are shaping an affordable, sustainable energy future.

The challenge

DATS 24 partnered with our team to enhance its digital capabilities and future-proof its business. The collaboration's primary goal was to provide a convenient solution for their B2B customers, enabling them to recharge or fuel up their cars using just their mobile phones. This initiative was prompted by customer feedback that emphasized the need for a mobile app to improve digital touchpoints.

In addition to the mobile app, the collaboration sought to address another concern related to fleet management. The lack of an integrated system for efficient oversight and management led to frustration and inefficiencies. To overcome this challenge, the collaboration aimed to integrate a robust custom portal that would facilitate a seamless digital experience

The implementation of the custom mobile app and portal has allowed DATS 24 to optimize its digital processes and strengthen its position in the market. This composable architecture also laid the groundwork for the corporate website redesign.

The solution

The Mobile App

We have developed a comprehensive mobile app specifically for B2B clients. B2B customers of DATS 24 with a fuel card and/or charging card gain access to the app, which enables them to easily start and stop their refueling or charging sessions. At the end of each session, customers receive a summary with detailed information, such as the amount of fuel pumped, the price per liter, and the total cost. For charging sessions, an estimated total cost is also provided.

The app ensures the security of data by requiring a one-time device registration and unlocking with fingerprint or facial recognition. With this solution, B2B customers of DATS 24 can conveniently and securely manage their fueling and charging activities, gaining insight into their transactions, and saving time and effort.

The team's expertise and dedication have been invaluable in achieving our digital goals, providing efficient, user-friendly solutions for our customers and fleet managers.

Sander De Keer, Sales & Marketing Manager at DATS 24

The Portal for fleet managers

Next to the app, we have also created an intuitive, composable portal for fleet managers. Through the portal, fleet managers can easily access valuable information about their company's invoices and cards. The portal provides a convenient overview of all fuel, charging, and token invoices, allowing managers to view details such as invoice type, payment status, and payment method. The portal also provides a clear overview of all cards within the company, enabling fleet managers to view the fuel limit for their company and track the consumption of all cards.

The Corporate Website

In response to key challenges, DATS 24 revamped its corporate website, introducing a headless CMS to ensure consistency across various touchpoints. Enhancements included a mobile-first design, optimized forms, tailored user segmentation, and an Algolia-powered search to improve user experience and boost conversion rates. The new site features a service point locator and a streamlined client acquisition process, providing access to over 200,000 green energy charging points across Belgium and Europe.

In a nutshell, our collaboration with DATS 24 resulted in a modern, user-friendly digital presence aligned with their vision and values.

How we made this work

Our collaboration with DATS 24 highlights the importance of digital transformation strategies in boosting business growth and enhancing customer satisfaction by optimizing operations. We're proud to contribute to DATS 24's digital evolution and continued success.

Thomas De Vos, Innovation consultant

infographic illustrating the MACH architecture and its components

MACH architecture

To address DATS 24's data landscape and integrate the mobile app, portal, and new corporate website, we conducted a thorough audit of their existing systems and processes. This audit helped us understand the data requirements, identify challenges, and outline the necessary steps.

Based on our analysis, we introduced a new composable (MACH) architecture, integrating with existing processes. Our team worked closely with DATS 24 solution architects, data consultants, and stakeholders to ensure a successful implementation.

On a technical level, the architecture was rolled out on Microsoft Azure, using Storyblok as CMS and Next.js as a website generator. The mobile application was created using Flutter.


The services that made this happen

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