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DELA is a funeral insurance broker that also offers care and support for the next of kin through activities like funeral services.

Gain brand awareness in Belgium, increase interest in funeral insurances, and generate leads

When we started working with DELA in 2009, the concept of funeral insurance was relatively new in Belgium. Through digital, DELA wanted to raise awareness for this type of insurance, as well as for the other services they offer.

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A long relationship of creation and optimization

Our collaboration with DELA started off with a Belgian DELA website in Sitecore. This would be the starting point of a long relationship in which we developed a variety of digital interfaces and supported the client in online advertising. Over this time, we researched the DELA target audiences multiple times, performed multiple user tests and carried out a variety of workshops that helped us shape a good idea of how we could reach and service DELA clients through digital.

These insights served as the basis for every website, tool or marketing campaign we created with this client. Through a strong focus on measuring impact and improving over time, we kept updating our work with conversion rate optimization in mind.

We helped DELA create an online presence in Belgium through multiple digital interfaces

Increased conversion through CRO
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The services that made this happen

  • Digital platforms

    We set up a Sitecore environment, allowing DELA to share content in a multilingual setup.

  • Digital interfaces

    Over the years, we have developed a variety of digital interfaces for DELA. All powered by Sitecore, they each have a specific target audience or offer a specific service to the DELA prospects and customers.

  • Digital advertising

    Through always-on advertising, we help DELA grow its brand in Belgium. These advertisements are focused on brand awareness and lead generation.

  • Growth marketing

    Through a culture of experimentation and constant adjustments, we have been able to help DELA grow demand and brand awareness in Belgium.

  • Campaigning

    We ran a variety of digital campaigns with DELA, helping them increase awareness about its services and the advantages of funeral insurance.

  • Analytics & dashboarding

    We closely monitor the efficiency of the website in generating leads and optimize where we see potential.

A digital partner for the long term

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