Vandersanden building facade


Vandersanden is a Belgian producer of bricks, facing bricks and clickers, both for private homes and the streetscape. Their goal is to be an internationally recognized innovative player in the building market with a strong focus on sustainability.

Together with us, Vandersanden distilled a large amount of smaller product sites into one multilingual website. Their product-focused approach wasn’t sufficient anymore to generate a lot of new business. They wanted to reposition themselves as a partner in building solutions by focusing more on their services rather than their products.

Vandersanden website screenshot

Making an impact through one website

An impact mapping workshop with all relevant internal stakeholders uncovered how Vandersanden could make an impact on its target audiences. We tailored the user experience of the new website to the conclusions of this workshop, used them as a basis for the wireframes and created a comprehensive design.

We defined a new content strategy and offered SEO-support through web-friendly copy, as well as on a technical level.

Through always-on digital advertisements and multi-channel campaigns, we generate extra brand awareness and funneled relevant leads to Vandersanden’s owned channels.

We were able to distill 50+ websites into one digital touchpoint

Vandersanden modern building