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Day in the life of Herlinde, Key Account Manager

Curious about the life as a Key Account Manager at The Reference? Read a journal entry of Herlinde as she navigates client relationships, team collaboration, and administrative tasks - all while managing her work-life balance. This blog post takes you through the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

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Content Chaos: From Bachelor Pad to Content Oasis with Headless CMS

Is your CMS holding back your B2B growth? Learn how a headless CMS can transform your content strategy, break down silos, and enhance customer relationships. Discover how it streamlines content while creating new engagement and revenue streams.

Reinventing the digital agency model

Join our Managing Director, Maarten Bosmans, as he unveils the new frontier in digital agency models. Explore how we are embracing AI, fostering hybrid collaborations, and reshaping B2B commerce.

The technology trends that will shape 2024

Gain a competitive edge with our 2024 Technology Trends report, led by AI advancements. Dive into insightful analysis and expert perspectives that will inspire your next big move. Download now to stay ahead of the curve!

The 7 C's of B2B Commerce

Navigate the complex world of B2B Commerce with our whitepaper. Uncover the 7C's of commerce, understand the challenges, and discover strategies for success. Start your digital transformation journey today!

Unleashing AI to build a B2B e-commerce app from scratch

Discover how we leveraged Generative AI and MACH components to build a fully operational B2B e-commerce app from scratch! See how AI tools like ChatGPT, DALLĀ·E, and Midjourney were used to craft an immersive and personalized user experience. Embrace the future of e-commerce today!

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