A sneak peek of Naomi's week working for Delta Light

December 6, 2022 | Naomi Bruynings, Digital Marketing Consultant

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Hi, my name is Naomi. I have been working as a digital marketing consultant at The Reference for almost one and a half years now. I work full-time for our client Delta Light, which gives me the privilege of considering two teams and offices as my home. Since this is no typical job, I have been asked several times what a day in my life looks like.

Because my duties can be quite diverse, I decided to cover the whole week. That way, you get the best overview of what my job entails, who I work with and where I spend my office days.

For those of you who just got here and would like to have a little background information on the job of a digital marketing consultant working full-time for a client, you should check out this page.


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Today, I went to The Reference's office in Ghent. As my fellow digital marketing consultants also often work directly from their customers' office, we do not see each other that much. That is why we try to get together at the Ghent office every once in a while. It is an ideal opportunity to share our experiences and update each other on our projects. It is also a perfect day to reflect on issues we encounter and spar about ongoing activities at our customers. 

The rest of the day was in the theme of Pinterest. Last week, I had a meeting with the content marketer at Delta Light about a make-over of our Pinterest page. We discussed how to organize the pins and did some research about the website impact that Pinterest could have. As a result, I started working on a keyword research and competitor analysis. After discovering some key trends in the keywords and profiles of our main competitors, I poured it into an overall conclusion. 

I now have a clear view of the next steps for our Pinterest account (how to reorganize/regroup our pins, which pins are linking to old content, which types of new content we should post, ...). I will discuss these insights with the content marketer later this week. 


Parking lot with logo at Delta Light

Heading over to my ‘other’ office in Wevelgem today. Every morning, the receptionist greets everyone with a very infectious smile and a little chit-chat. There is no way you can start your day badly here. 

Given that the new website goes live in a few weeks, we are currently in the process of revising all our channels. Our Google Ads account will not escape this either and will get a thorough renovation. Fortunately, we have some real Google Ads experts at The Reference who are happy to help me with this task. I contacted some of them and set up a meeting with Jens later this week to discuss my proposal for the make-over of our account.

On Tuesdays, we have our bi-weekly content meeting at Delta Light. In preparation for this meeting, I created a report with the organic results on social media. We discussed the results of our campaigns and social media posts and ran through everything that will be launched in the coming week. It is my job to explain these results in a clear and concise way so that everybody understands. 

Together with the content marketer, I discussed what we will share on social media today. As soon as I received the images and content I needed to publish, I created a draft of the post and added the necessary hashtags. After approval of the brand manager, I scheduled the post and prepared it in five different languages. 


Laptop screen with product manual in front

On Wednesdays, I always start my day with a digital update with the Marketing Director at Delta Light. These are meetings to discuss our upcoming campaigns, the corresponding budget, and which issues I am currently facing. 

Next Monday, a new product will be launched. The marketing team has been in a long process of preparing for this launch. This includes informing markets, organizing product trainings, creating the brochure, ... Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a landing page for the paid campaigns. Since the brand manager just gave feedback on it, it is just a matter of incorporating this feedback before it goes live. 

I also noticed that a number of change requests for the website came in over the past few days. To avoid these starting to pile up, I decided to go through them all today. These included adding new team members to the team page, adding upcoming events, adding news articles, and changing the homepage banner.


Laptop and desktop screen

No meetings were scheduled today so I decided to work from home to focus on my tasks without getting disrupted. Today I will be setting up campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These campaigns will be launched on Monday when we announce our new product on social media. A few weeks prior, I have made a budget plan with an estimation on how much the campaigns will cost.

After setting up the new campaign, I started analyzing the results of the previous campaign, which was all about teasing our new product. I also decided to set-up a small dashboard on Looker Studio. This way, it will be easier to explain the campaign results to the Marketing Director and other colleagues that have worked on the campaign. After I collected all the data, I had a clear view of whether or not this campaign was a success. I am already looking forward to discussing these results with the team.


Employees from Delta Light in a meeting room

The last day of the week is here. I decided to head over to the Delta Light office again. After all, everyone is in a good mood on Fridays.

Earlier this week I reached out to my colleagues because I needed an extra pair of eyes to look into our Google Ads account. Today I had a short meeting with Jens. He had a quick look into the account and pointed out some things I need to consider when doing the make-over. We also concluded that we need to focus more on our target group, so I will be conducting extra research on this the following weeks.

I then had a follow-up meeting with the content marketer to discuss my conclusions on the Pinterest research I did on Monday. We also discussed what the next steps for this project entail.

For the remaining time I had left, I decided to test the new website. I did a test on internal links, I checked if all the translations had been added and I made sure all the slugs were set correctly. Luckily, this was not very hard and the perfect task to do on a Friday afternoon.

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