astara Western Europe chooses The Reference for a new digital platform

September 25, 2023 | Lander Desmedt, Program Manager at The Reference


The Reference, a leading B2B digital agency, has been chosen as a strategic partner for several brands of astara Western Europe, a prominent mobility solution provider. The collaboration aims to build a future-proof digital platform that will serve as a scalable solution for multiple brands, streamlining operations and reducing costs. 

branded picture of SsangYong car

astara Western Europe, known as the open mobility company and home of several brands in the distribution area, recently entered a strategic partnership with The Reference. The collaboration focuses on leveraging the position of astara as a distributor in the digital ecosystem of its portfolio brands. By adopting this approach, astara aims to create economies of scale and eliminate redundant efforts and costs. The brands SsangYong and Maxus participate in the pilot. 

The Reference's forward-thinking approach has successfully led to creating a highly adaptable and scalable model, designed to address different branding needs. This significantly expedites the website launch process for each brand, as the platform can be easily rebranded for multiple brands, aligning perfectly with astara Western Europe's vision for a future-proof solution that supports their expanding portfolio.

"We are thrilled to work with The Reference, as their proposed solution allows us to avoid duplicating work and, consequently, save costs while launching the sites," said Marieke Poriau, Marketing Manager of SsangYong. "Their forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with our vision for a future-proof platform for astara’s growing portfolio."

branded picture of SsangYong car

By building a scalable model adaptable to different branding needs, The Reference has demonstrated its commitment to innovation. “We are thrilled to partner with astara Western Europe in this transformative project," said Isabel Donvil, Managing Director at The Reference. "Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth, helping our clients to stay ahead in the digital landscape."

The collaboration between The Reference and astara Western Europe sets the stage for an exciting new phase of development, as the scalable digital platform will offer operational efficiencies while facilitating the launch of multiple brands within their portfolio.

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