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October 13, 2021 | commercetools

Commerce suites were fine 20 years ago when the only requirement was to have a working webshop. But in today’s fast-evolving market that requires you to have a digital presence on every channel your customer is shopping, being locked into one solution — that dictates the tech you’ll have to use, what features you’re able to have (and not have), and forces you to create wonky workarounds to do anything that’s not baked into the suite — is a serious competitive disadvantage.

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Choosing a modern composable commerce future

Enterprise suites are no longer “the safer choice." There are benefits to modern commerce for both development teams and the bottom line of businesses.

This is what a modern architecture can help you achieve

  • Respond faster to the rapid changes in the market.
  • Deploy new features daily and quickly build better customer experiences.
  • Handle traffic peaks, no matter how viral your promotion.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs through better strategizing content-based experiences.
  • Go for best-of-breed solutions and easily integrate with any technology of your choosing.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in.
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When is a modern composable architecture right for your business?

“Going composable” in commerce isn’t just a passing fad; the most successful and competitive companies in the retail industry are using it right now. Now businesses favour digital technologies that are agile, adaptable and endlessly customizable, but why should you?

How to know if a composable architecture is right for you

  • Your business and market shifts require quick, agile changes in how your digital platform operates.
  • Multiple teams in different departments work on the same solution.
  • Your solution needs to work across multiple channels and customer touchpoints.
  • Your web shop experiences regular fluctuations (Black Friday sales, for example) which require a scalable infrastructure.
  • You are a global brand and need local agility.
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About commercetools

commercetools is the world’s leading platform for next-generation B2C and B2B commerce who invented the world’s first modern commerce platform: cloud-native, headless, API-first, multi-tenant SaaS. This enables their customers to deliver the best B2C and B2B commerce experiences across touchpoints.

Why businesses choose commercetools

  • commercetools is a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, two years running.
  • They offer the industry’s first API and cloud-based solution for commerce.
  • Guaranteed response time. The platform automatically scales with your needs, ensuring ongoing performance.
  • Pick and choose what you need to be successful in digital commerce - including developing custom integrations with a range of ERP, CRM and CMS solutions.
  • Supports a wide range of B2C and B2B application scenarios – from classic webstore front ends to highly individualised shopping experiences on all devices.
  • Services include API-first commerce, microservices architecture, experience-driven commerce, omnichannel and social commerce solutions.
  • Features and benefits include omnichannel PIM, order management, payment, internationalization, integrations, and cloud hosting and service.

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