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Commercetools overcomes the limitations of traditional commerce solutions by providing a flexible & scalable catalog of composable components.

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What is commercetools? 

Commercetools is the world's most leading commerce platform that can be easily extended to meet complex or unique business and customer needs.

Compared to other vendors, commercetools stands out as a reliable provider that is known for its API and version stability. Once an API is declared production ready, developers can design services around it and be sure it will not be changed or become outdated.

Research and consultancy companies like ‘Gartner’ and ‘Forrester’ prove this theory by declaring commercetools one of the leaders in digital commerce, next to more traditional monolithic commerce solutions like Salesforce, SAP and Adobe.

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Commercetools and MACH

The commercetools platform is built on modern MACH principles. This means that it is: 

  • Microservices Based: commercetools' cloud based Microservices solution, offers 300+ commerce APIs that can be individually consumed. These ready-made commerce building blocks can be used to create or supplement your own infrastructure and can be run at scale.
  • API-First: Modern APIs are at the core of digital commerce. They are the glue that connects applications and allows organizations to develop new business opportunities. Using commercetools' future-ready commerce APIs, you gain the flexibility to create new experiences for all digital touchpoints.
  • Cloud Native: commercetools is a multitenant SaaS platform. It allows faster development, better maintainability, and scalability. You are free from on-premises software lock-in and reliance on developer maintenance.
  • Headless: commercetools delivers a decoupled, open environment that enables limitless commerce capabilities across all channels.

Companies must be able to adapt quickly. That's why MACH technologies have become the solution to create scalable businesses.

Maarten Bosmans, Managing Director

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Is commercetools valuable to all businesses?

Commercetools provides benefit to a broad spectrum of businesses. This can be small B2C businesses that want to quickly push out storefronts in days or weeks or large B2B businesses that are seeking to create new digital journeys or trying to disrupt their industries. In summary, the commercetools solution is suitable for companies across all industries aiming for:

  • A future proof best-of-breed and composable ecosystem 
  • A high level of autonomy and control over their commerce roadmap
  • Flexibility in terms of scalability and extensibility 
  • A faster time to market to meet ever changing business and customer requirements
  • Unique and best in class customer experiences

Commercetools enables you to overcome the limitations of traditional, monolithic commerce solutions by providing a flexible and scalable catalog of composable components. This allows businesses to innovate quickly, adopt new channels and digitalize all business models. The cloud-native technology, with globally distributed hosting facilities, provides hyper-scale, even for the largest companies.

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Why we are your commercetools partner

The transformation to a MACH or composable commerce architecture is a program involving both IT, marketing and business teams and requires, together with an impeccable implementation, a well thought out strategy and preparation.

Our team has experience with both the transformation towards MACH and the set-up of new MACH architectures. We design the blueprint of the enterprise architecture and set it out in a phased and prioritized roadmap and program. This we do while considering IT dependencies, legacy decoupling, business priorities and your organizational capabilities. 

Ultimate UX design freedom

A decoupled front-end user experience from the backend logic gives you the complete UX design freedom in creating intuitive and simple user interfaces for all channels and devices.

We have a proven methodology to detect, map and prioritize the right features for each target audience to understand the drivers of your customers.

Thanks to the flexibility of the headless principle, we can fully leverage its UX knowledge and best practices such as wireframing, prototyping, (user) testing and optimizing.

Data-based insights & recommendations

Being a full-service agency, we have a digital marketing team that collects the necessary data insights to see the impact on customer experience and conversions. This way we can iteratively formulate recommendations to increase ROI and customer engagement of the portal.

See if commercetools is right for you

We prefer working together in a two-way conversation to determine if a specific solution is right for you, as we believe in a platform agnostic approach to technology. 

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