Day in the life of Herlinde, Key Account Manager

June 11, 2024 | Herlinde Bradt, Key Account Manager at The Reference


Meet Herlinde

Herlinde is one of our Key Account Managers. With 11 years of experience under her belt, she masterfully navigates the complex, yet exciting digital landscape for her clients.

Her role is a dynamic mix of administrative tasks, customer interaction, problem-solving, and team collaboration. From handling high-pressure negotiations to fostering successful client relationships.

In this insight, she will take us through her daily routine, sharing the highs, the lows, and everything in between. 

Journal entry

7:00 AM

My alarm goes off. I start my day early with a nice cup of coffee.

7:45 AM

After dropping off the kids at school and daycare, I head to the gym for an early workout session. The fun doubles today as Lynn, one of my fellow account managers, is joining me. 

We chose to do some cardio which helps us start the day on a positive note, brimming with energy. Thanks to the flexible hours, we have the luxury to exercise without being in a rush to get to work on time.

8:45 AM

After a quick shower, I get ready to head to the office. I love driving to work, it gives me time to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

9:00 AM

I arrive at the office, grab a coffee, and have a quick chat with my colleagues arriving as well.

9:15 AM

My workday officially begins. This morning consists of administrative duties, including negotiating contracts with the legal department and adjusting budgets. While it is not my favorite task, it is sometimes necessary to be able to focus and simply get this done.

However, today I do not even mind that much because I am already looking forward to a client workshop, we are having this afternoon. This balance between focused work and interactive meetings promises a productive day ahead.


Internal meetings are essential to me as they let me check in with the team. It's my goal to ensure everyone is happy and manage any issues affecting our positivity. As an Account Manager, fostering good vibes is vital.

Herlinde Bradt, Key Account Manager

10:00 AM

I step into one of my weekly internal meetings. These meetings are especially important to ensure we are all on the same page regarding our client's needs and expectations. I love these meetings as they foster a keen sense of teamwork and unity. 

11:00 AM

I handle some ad hoc tasks arising from colleagues and client requests. Each Account Manager has their own customer portfolio. So, we do not work together on customers, but we are always eager to help each other.

There is no cocky behavior within our team, and we are there for one another when needed.

12:15 PM

Lunchtime. I often go to the store with my colleagues and enjoy a meal together. The sun is out today, so we are having our lunch on the balcony. Even on days that I bring my own lunch, I still enjoy the walk and the chance to get some fresh air. 

1:00 PM

Back to work and time for the client workshop. Our team has worked very hard for this moment with key profiles from both our side and the client's.

The workshop's aim is to establish a strategic plan up to 2025, linking the digital eco-system with the client's objectives to achieve their goals. The anticipation is high, and we are eager for the outcome.


Dare to ask questions, come to the office, and do not get discouraged by the amount of information that comes your way during onboarding.

Herlinde Bradt, Key Account Manager

4:00 PM

What an energy boost! The client’s enthusiastic response to our approach is invigorating! Their eagerness to kickstart the project and their gratitude for our individualized approach truly charges me.

As an Account Manager, working closely with each customer to identify their unique needs is rewarding. The diversity of each customer makes our job versatile and continually exciting.  

4:30 PM

I wrap up my workday. One final internal sync with the client team to decide on some next steps and time to go home.

5:15 PM

Before heading home, I got an e-mail from one of my clients thanking our team for the work done. What a lovely way to end my day.  

7:30 PM

After a delicious home-cooked meal and some quality time with my family, I wind down for the day, reflecting on the events and tasks completed.

Before writing this journal entry of a day in my life, our marketing coordinator asked me to think about something I would tell my younger self starting as a Key Account Manager at The Reference.

I would say, dare to ask questions, come to the office as much as possible, and do not get discouraged by the amount of information that comes at you during onboarding. See everything in perspective, speak up, have fun, and just surf the wave. 

10:30 PM

Time to call it a night, ready to recharge for another fulfilling day tomorrow.

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