The Reference achieves premier level in partnership with commercetools

March 23, 2023 | Julie Synave, Partner Manager for commercetools at The Reference 


B2B digital agency The Reference is awarded premier level for the EMEA region in its partnership with commercetools, the highest tier. This achievement marks another milestone in the collaboration between the two companies. The partnership between The Reference and commercetools began two years ago when The Reference identified the need for a flexible and scalable commerce platform in the market.

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'Although the pandemic seems to be behind us now, rapid change is here to stay for many businesses. Consequently, the ability to adapt as a business to new models and channels, with increasing user expectations, is key,' says Isabel Donvil, Managing Director at The Reference.

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Unlocking advanced commercetools resources

This new status as a premier partner underscores the agency's successful commercetools track record as well as its substantial commercetools experience. As a premier partner, The Reference now has access to the highest level of support, training, and experts from commercetools. This dedicated long-term partnership allows the agency to create even more successful and futureproof commerce solutions for their clients.

‘We are proud to work with The Reference who has a proven track record of delivering B2B commerce solutions,' says Joanne Veenvliet, commercetools Sales Director for the Benelux region. ‘Together, we are able to provide a unique approach to the market, one that sets us apart. The Reference's pragmatic way of working, combined with our innovative technology, enables us to solve complex business challenges and to deliver tailor-made solutions.'

Futureproof MACH architecture, empowering businesses to scale and innovate with ease

Commercetools is a composable commerce solution, built on MACH architecture. This combination of Micro-services, APIs, and a Cloud-native and Headless approach offers many advantages. Teams can experiment rapidly with new services and integrate extra functionalities, while each development is simple to scale and handles traffic spikes smoothly.

'We believe that partnering with commercetools is a natural fit as we share the same value of unlocking the full potential of digital success for our clients,' says Julie Synave, Partner Manager for commercetools at The Reference. 'Our partnership is not only about providing our clients with a futureproof technology, but also about guiding them through their commerce roadmap from strategy to implementation, from smaller commerce use cases to full-blown commerce solutions.'

About The Reference

The Reference is a committed digital agency of 160+ creative thinkers, driven by knowledge and craftmanship. It is characterized by a collaborative culture, in which its talented professionals leverage their expertise and creativity in every aspect of their work. That is why A-players and other market leaders have been considering them trusted advisors for many years.

The agency’s services range from strategy over product to marketing. As a loyal ambassador of MACH, The Reference only chooses best in-class vendors that can deliver futureproof technology. They are all about long-term partnerships, keeping their eyes on the goal: creating added value that turns into achievements and success for their clients.

The Reference is part of EPAM (NYSE: EPAM).

About us

About commercetools

The inventor of headless commerce, commercetools is an innovative technology disruptor that has established itself as an industry-leading eCommerce software provider. Today, some of the world's most iconic brands and growth-focused businesses trust commercetools' powerful, flexible, scalable solutions to support their ever-evolving digital commerce needs. As the visionaries leading the modern MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) architecture movement, commercetools provides customers with the agility to innovate and iterate on the fly, merge on and off-line channels, drive higher revenue, and futureproof their eCommerce business.

Headquartered in Germany, with offices across Europe, Asia, and North America, commercetools is singularly focused on leading a future of limitless commerce possibilities.

About commercetools

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