The Reference and Segment boost Benelux partnership to meet growing CDP demand

May 31, 2023 | Christophe Lagast, Partner Manager for Segment at The Reference 


Following the rising demand for Customer Data Platforms (CDP), The Reference steps up its collaboration with the number one CDP, Twilio Segment1. A logical step for the digital agency, for whom data has already been one of the focus points over the past few years. 

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Strategic partnership for data-driven success

With data becoming a key pillar for The Reference, partnering with Twilio Segment was the logical next step. As an integration partner of Twilio Segment, The Reference can leverage this partnership to better achieve its main goal of creating value that translates into success for their clients, through the use of first-party data. As part of this effort, The Reference has already implemented a full CDP for LensOnline, among other clients. 

'A partnership with Segment is a true value add as they are highly scalable and flexible. They allow you to start small and grow towards more mature and complex scenarios.' says Isabel Donvil, Managing Director at The Reference. 'On top of that, Segment provides robust data governance and privacy related features, which are essential if you wish to use customer data for marketing purposes in a compliant way.' 

‘Partnering with The Reference is an exciting milestone for Twilio Segment in the Benelux region. As a trusted advisor to many leading brands in the region, The Reference will enable their customers to unlock the power of data and personalization to create unique customer engagement strategies for their end users. Using first-party data is an accelerant for business growth and we look forward to seeing this partnership evolve.” Says Kevin Harris, Global VP of Partnerships at Twilio Segment. 

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Customer Data Platforms in a nutshell

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to capture data from every customer interaction and consolidate it into centralized user profiles and audiences, giving you full control over the data you capture and enabling you to build accurate customer profiles. This allows you to gain insights into your customers and provide them with personalized experiences by managing all data collected from every touchpoint with your business. 

'For us, a CDP fits perfectly within the composable story of a Marketing Technology solution.' says Christophe Lagast, Partner Manager for Segment at The Reference. 'With the general growth of data within organizations and the specific growth of B2B commerce, a CDP is crucial to have a smart aggregation of your data on the one hand, and to drive the right actions to customers and prospects on the other hand.' 

1According to IDC, Twilio Segment is the #1 CDP for 2021 market share. 

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