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Digital Interfaces

Our digital interfaces provide the best, effortless, and enjoyable way an end user can interact and experience a digital service.

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What is a digital interface?

Everything we interact with online has an interface. Whether it is a website, mobile app, chatbot, or virtual metaverse environment. Interfaces are a very direct connection between your product and the user and can make digital services more tangible.

With more than 25 years of expertise in creating compelling digital interfaces, we always aim to develop products offering intuitive, straightforward, and natural interactions that can be executed with a minimum of training.

Customers do not just enjoy well-designed products, they expect them. Today, a lot of organizations already recognize that a good user interface is indispensable for building customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Good UI designs have the potential to attract and retain your visitors and facilitate interactions between the customer and your business.

Our approach when creating a digital interface

Understanding the human behind the interface

When kicking off a customer interface trajectory, we start by talking to the end-users of your digital service and try to understand their needs.

If we know how each visual and interactive element shapes their experience, we can determine what your top tasks are and how you want to respond to them. When these feelings and requirements are mapped out, we will translate them into user journeys.

Creating a functional digital interface

Based on this output, we make it more tangible by creating wireframes for visual interfaces, or flow scenarios for nonvisual interfaces.

The wireframes are tested as soon as possible with the actual end users to check if the user experience is what they expect it to be.

When there is a positive outcome, our design studio will convert the wireframes into functional designs with an appealing look and feel. If needed, the mock-ups are made interactive for specific devices and micro animations and/or specific motion designs are added.

We always recommend one last test with the target audience to validate the correct design choices.

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The tools we use in this process

We use a multitude of tools when creating a digital interface, ranging from graphic design tools like Figma and Adobe Photoshop to Animation tools like Adobe After Effects.

A good user interface allows users to forget about the technical aspects of your website and focus on the task they want to achieve.

Thomas De Vos, Mobile & Innovation Consultant

For whom are digital interfaces valuable?

Digital interfaces can be useful for all organizations that need to communicate with their customers or clients digitally.

A well-working digital interface will make interacting with the provided services of an organization easier and more intuitive for people of all ages and abilities. Oppositely, a poor interface equals a poor user experience, which will eventually result in a loss of (loyal) customers.

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Take a look at a few of our best digital interfaces

AR game - Easter eggs getting thrown in flip box

Collect & Gooi

An augmented reality (AR) game for Collect&Go to attract more users to the app. 

Two people of DPG Media sitting on a yellow sofa with a dog watching something on their laptop

DPG Media

DPG Media was looking for a partner to create a new central website that prioritizes user experience, brand awareness, and employer branding. 

Collect&Go employees checking a list and filling a box with consumer goods


Collect&Go is an online grocery shopping platform that allows you to order products from both the Colruyt Laagste Prijzen/Meilleurs Prix and Bio-Planet supermarkets. 

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