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Collect & Gooi

Collect&Go is an online grocery shopping platform that allows you to order products from both the Colruyt Laagste Prijzen/Meilleurs Prix and Bio-Planet supermarkets. The order can be picked up at a specific time at a pick-up point of choice.

Collect&Go was looking for fun ways to increase brand awareness and attract more users to their mobile app. From this came the idea to develop a mobile-friendly game in augmented reality (AR), giving families with children an extra reason to try out the Collect&Go app.

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Appealing to young families

Collect&Go helps people free up time in their busy lives. Parents with young children are one of the various users among whom Collect&Go is popular, since they juggle both the busy schedules of themselves and their kids.

Because mobile games are increasingly popular both with children and adults, we figured an in-app game would give these young families an additional reason to try the Collect&Go mobile app.

We proposed to experiment with this idea and quickly got to work on a minimum viable product built in the Unity game development platform to prove the concept. When the potential of this concept became clear, we developed a finalized version ready for release to the end user.

Augmented reality

In the game we leverage the capabilities of smartphones and tablets to create an augmented reality experience. This means we enrich real life with virtual assets to create a hybrid world in which digital meets physical. In this video game you scan your surroundings with your smart device’s camera and place a virtual version of the iconic blue Collect&Go folding box on the ground near you. Once you have picked a spot for this box you can walk around it and try to throw in items from whichever distance you like. Every time you score, you will be rewarded with additional points and playtime.

Technology Unity Solution Augmented reality Platform Android & iOS
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Flexible concept with growth potential

With the first iteration of this game released, Collect&Go is now able to build on this straightforward concept in a variety of ways. The biggest advantage is the possibility to reskin the game based on popular themes. Since Easter was right around the corner when the game was first launched, we made a version in which you had to throw Easter eggs into a Collect&Go folding box. Besides Easter, there are many other themes to which the game can be adapted, like back to school for example. Additionally, the game itself can be enriched with features like online scoreboards, multiplayer and the ability to add virtual obstacles.

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