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Samsonite is a manufacturer of quality luggage and durable bags. Their products are driven by innovation, iconic design, and comfort.

Samsonite was looking for a way to easily connect their various sales touchpoints with their backend systems to get an accurate view of their customers and increase operational efficiency. Together we have created a solution that allows them to easily scale digital sales activities based on changes in the market and customer needs.

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Easy access to relevant product information

As Samsonite activates a wide variety of sales channels both online and offline, the need for a better way to manage these various touchpoints and get a full centralized overview over these channels became apparent. We developed a set of APIs that allow Samsonite to provide selected partners with relevant information from their backend systems Salesforce B2B Commerce and SAP. Through an API gateway, these parties are provided with relevant product information like prices, stock availability, and product descriptions.

Person walking in Antwerp-Central station with Samsonite backpack and trolley

Connecting with external marketplaces

In Samsonite’s ecommerce activities, they activate a variety of online marketplaces. If Samsonite identifies a relevant new marketplace for their digital commerce ecosystem, it’s crucial to be able to integrate them with their ecosystem as efficiently and easily as possible. That’s why we have developed APIs that allow them to do this effectively. In addition, some marketplaces offer their own integration solutions. This way, Samsonite is always free to choose how they connect with these external channels.

Microsoft Azure as a reliable backbone

As sales across this wide variety of channels can create significant peaks in traffic and requests, it was crucial to build the API layer on a robust basis. That is why we selected Microsoft Azure as the preferred backbone for this project. This cloud-based hosting solution is able to handle large data streams passing through without any delays or slowdowns. As it is a cloud-based solution, it also allows Samsonite to scale its integrations without any limitations.

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