Conversion Optimization

Getting more and more quality visitors to your platform, is only part of the path to generating more online business. Why should we continuously tinker the individual channels and meanwhile leave the website untouched? Ultimately, it is still the latter which should provide the final conversion.

With a conversion optimization process we take a closer look at the tasks we want a user to complete on our website. What is the typical path to conversion, what obstacles may occur and how we can make this path easier in the future to obtain more return on our investment? Starting point is a thorough analysis of the available data, which can lead us a long way. We don’t restrict ourselves to the standard web statistics, but go just that step further. For example, by collecting input from marketing, support or content team. What are improvements they noticed? Can we link with your CRM data. Because… generating more leads will not necessarily automatically mean more business for your company, right?

A conversion optimization trajectory consists of multiple topics:

  • Web Analytics audit
  • A/B & multivariate testing
  • Extended reporting

Convinced that a conversion optimization project can be of added value to your business? Do you have constraints or remarks?

Anyway, contact us, so that we discuss your project in more detail.


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