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Sitecore is a CMS that lets you deliver highly optimized, personalized experiences for your customers & achieve better marketing results. 

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What is Sitecore?

According to both Gartner and Forrester, Sitecore is the world’s leading .NET Content Management System (CMS). With Sitecore you have a powerful suite of features that can help your marketing teams deliver memorable, personalized online experiences. Compared to its competitors, Sitecore is also a leader in innovation and a fast follower of the market.

Sitecore’s offer shifted away from a single solution and evolved to a composable SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform focusing on 3 aspects:

  • Sitecore Content Cloud: this allows companies to manage content from strategy to delivery, include search and DAM functionality, and integrate the headless approach seamlessly with world-class solutions.
  • Sitecore Engagement Cloud: this enables companies to connect and activate customer data, personalize engagements, and optimize every experience across every channel.
  • Sitecore Commerce Cloud: this is a solution to enable and leverage personalized commerce, while simplifying collaboration, merchandising performance insights and more.
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For whom is Sitecore CMS?

Sitecore is a compelling solution for companies looking for a versatile content management system or digital experience platform. This is mostly the case with international organizations that need to manage regional, multilingual, multichannel content with top-of-the-line site functionalities for end users. Sitecore can also be highly relevant for companies that have a multitude of sites or brands and need flexibility in managing the look and feel of each page/site type.

It is important to understand that the CMS platform is typically part of a wider enterprise architecture and approach. Therefore it is key to have a fit between the map of the business and the information and systems that support this. 

Next to the various benefits for the builders of the platform, Sitecore has advantages for the following teams:

  • Sitecore allows web managers to manage and make changes to the website without the help of the IT department.
  • With Sitecore, marketing teams can connect with customers and guide them through their journeys.
  • Sitecore empowers content authors to deliver relevant digital content across all channels and platforms.
  • IT teams rely on Sitecore to deliver fast, secure, stable and high-performing experiences, connecting with diverse other internal & external solutions.

With Sitecore you have a powerful and flexible suite of features that will help your teams deliver memorable, personalized online experiences.

Philip Achten, Senior Consultant

Sitecore is more a Customer Experience Platform than a CMS. It empowers the world's smartest brands to bring together content, commerce, and data into one connected platform. It lets you deliver highly optimized, personalized experiences for your customers and achieve better marketing results. 

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Why we are your Sitecore partner

To get the full value out of Sitecore, you need an experienced partner you can trust to deliver your implementation, on time and on budget. We are a Sitecore Platinum partner, which is the highest Sitecore partner level, and have more than 15 years of experience with implementing the Sitecore platform. We have many Sitecore certified professionals and MVPs, won numerous Sitecore awards, and are very active in the worldwide Sitecore community.

Since The Reference is part of EPAM Systems, we can also fully rely on their vast expertise with the Sitecore platform and products. 

Our approach for integrating Sitecore

When writing a proposal for a new project, the solution architects will look at the requirements and will select the most suitable solution. When Sitecore is the preferred, recommended platform, we start analyzing the client's requirements and implement the appropriate product(s) of the Sitecore platform. Next, we roll it out to the different markets and countries and establish a services framework agreement for ongoing support with digital marketing, maintenance, and SLA.

Take a loot at a few of our best cases with Sitecore

Foamglas plant

Owens Corning FOAMGLAS®

Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® aimed to increase brand awareness among new, younger generations of construction and industry professionals. A new website, optimized to generate more leads and increase conversion, would be the ideal centerpiece in this push to become top of mind. 

DELA mother kissing her daughter on the cheek


DELA is a funeral insurance broker that also offers care and support for the next of kin through activities like funeral services. Through digital, they wanted to raise awareness for this type of insurance, as well as for the other services they offer. 

Luminus person standing in meadow with wind turbines in the background


In its highly competitive market, Luminus makes a difference by focusing on sustainable energy sources. They take a very customer-centric approach to their services. In this approach, digital touchpoints like their website and mobile application are essential. 

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