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Testing & Optimization

With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) we try to improve your website’s conversion funnel to derive the most value from its traffic.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion based optimization is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take desired actions — be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or something else.

In order to achieve that increase we conduct research to understand how users move through your site, what actions they take, why they do so and what is stopping some users from completing your goals. 

If you want to achieve growth online, you can do so in a variety of ways: acquire more visitors through advertising and SEO or by convincing more visitors to convert. 

If you manage to increase your conversion rate (and/or average order value), the ROI on your advertising and SEO efforts also increases. This allows you to invest in advertising channels even more.

Note that you also learn something about your prospects/customers and that these insights can be used in other marketing efforts.

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Our CRO approach

Running a KPI workshop and analytics audit

When we start with a CRO track, we always start with a KPI workshop where we decide which KPIs we are going to optimize for. Our next step is an analytics audit to ensure everything according to measurement is set up correctly.

During the analytics audit, we also look for areas that need further research. For example, specific steps where users drop off or specific segments (like browsers or devices) that perform below average.

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Controlled experiments based on quantitive & qualitative research

We then get down to the executive phase. With the help of quantitative & qualitative research, we gain insight into user behavior and user motivation/barriers on your website. Based on this research, we hypothesize solutions and changes to the website and try to validate these with controlled experiments. Depending on how elaborate an experiment is - we first create a design or mock-up. Once we have prioritized our hypotheses we start setting up experiments in website conversion optimization tools like Google Optimize, VWO, and Optimizely, and analyze the resulting data for our different variations. 

Most of the time conversion rate optimization strategies are focused on website content & flows, but they can just as well be applied to mobile apps or any kind of platform in your ownership that your customers interact with.

A conversion optimization track acts as leverage for growth: it increases the ROI of all your marketing channels, making it even more interesting to increase your efforts for those channels.

Jens Van de Capelle, Digital Marketing Consultant

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For whom is CRO valuable?

Every business that generates value online and has clear conversion actions, can benefit from Website Conversion Optimization. However, larger businesses that generate a lot of value through online channels will benefit more from conversion rate optimization services.

Simply put, the more value that is generated online, the bigger the impact CRO can have. Moreover, to attain statistically significant results in controlled experiments you need a certain volume of traffic and conversions, which makes it more difficult for low-traffic websites to reach statistical significance and valuable insights. 

If you have very low traffic & conversion volume, it is more valuable to focus solely on gathering insights through research and making improvements based on those insights (rather than putting too much energy into controlled experiments). 

So let's get started!

Do you want to dive head first into CRO or are you interested, but still have some questions? Either way, we are here to help you. 

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Take a look at a few of our best Testing & Optimization cases

Vandersanden building facade


Vandersanden is a Belgian producer of bricks, facing bricks and clickers, both for private homes and the streetscape. They wanted to reposition themselves as a partner in building solutions by focusing more on their services rather than their products.

Mennens employees together with the team from The Reference on the balcony at the Ghent office


Mennens, a company that specializes in steel wire rope, lifting and hoisting equipment, and fall protection, partnered with us to further develop their brand and online presence. 

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