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Architecture can be valuable for any organization that needs to design & implement effective solutions to align with their business goals.

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What is an architecture?

An architecture provides a blueprint or plan for building a system that will solve a particular problem or achieve a specific goal. It defines the components and their connections, as well as the overall structure and design.

Designing an architecture focuses on the comprehensive view of the solution, and how it aligns with the broader context of the business. The design can incorporate a wide range of technologies and methods depending on the specific needs of the solution.

Designing an architecture is the art of understanding the needs of the organization, and designing solutions that meet those needs in an effective, efficient, and scalable way.

Arnaud Geyskens, Technology Director

When it comes to architecture, we have a strong preference for composable architecture. This is a design principle of building systems out of small, independent components that can be combined in various ways to create more complex systems. This approach allows for greater flexibility and ease of modification, as individual components can be replaced or updated without affecting the overall system.

Additionally, it allows for more efficient development and testing, as smaller, self-contained components can be developed and tested in isolation before being integrated into the larger system.  


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Why design an architecture?

There are many benefits to using a futureproof architecture:

  • It Improves efficiency by streamlining business processes and making it easier to access and use information and resources.
  • It helps improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by creating an architecture that is designed to meet the needs of customers.
  • Designing an architecture that is scalable helps minimize waste and maximize the use of resources, ultimately reducing costs.
  • A well-suited architecture can enhance an organization's competitiveness by allowing for improved customer service and increased ability to adapt to market changes

Our approach for designing an architecture

The first step in building an architecture is to define the problem or opportunity that the architecture will address.

Next, we determine the objectives of the solution, which will be the base to design the architecture. The design phase includes creating diagrams and models to represent the components and relationships within the solution.

Once the architecture is designed, it is important to validate that it meets the needs of the organization. This involves testing the architecture with stakeholders and making the necessary adjustments. We also give advice in which solutions to select. For example, based on the client's needs and wishes we help decide which CMS, e-commerce, CDP, ... is best. 

After everything has been validated and built, it is important to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the organization. This may involve making updates or changes to the architecture over time. 

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Why we are your partner for designing an architecture?

Designing an architecture can be a complex and challenging undertaking. For this reason, it can be beneficial for your company to work with a partner that has a proven track-record in the area.

We can provide you with a team of solution architects that are not only technically savvy and with a wide range of skills and expertise, but who also understand the business context to make the best choice in solutions. Furthermore, we can also ensure that the architecture is well-designed, meets the current needs of your organization, but is also futureproof. 

In addition, we can provide the resources and support needed to effectively implement it. This can include project management, development, and ongoing support and maintenance.


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