More than digital

The Reference is a cutting-edge digital agency, operating at the intersection of marketing and technology. We are known for our result-oriented approach, reflected in our motto, “it's more than digital, it's your business.”

160 multidisciplinary experts turn objectives into success stories, by seamlessly integrating various areas of expertise in order to accelerate the digital transformation of our international clients. We are here for a single reason: you.


How we do it

Think, build and run your business

The Reference has chosen deliberately to be a full service agency. We do not like to draw out complicated strategies without thinking about the feasibility of the implementation. Nor do we think it is sensible to build a solution without understanding very well what the objectives are. Moreover, the real work has yet to begin at the go live: with activation and go-to-market. One can only manage to achieve success in reaching the KPIs that were set, if digital marketers select the right mix of tactics and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis. This holistic approach obliges us to give the right advice, build solid solutions and to develop campaigns that actually convert over and over again.

An integrated approach

As a full service agency, we will never settle for mediocrity. Our range of services is deepened on a permanent basis within our Centers of Excellence. This is how we watch over a continuous in-depth knowledge of the various digital disciplines.

The Reference is a service company, everything depends entirely on the quality of its employees. We pay a lot of attention to the selection of the right people. Not just their experience counts, because we also attach great importance to the values of our employees. These past few years we have actually managed to collect a top team. A unique dynamic between our multidisciplinary experts leads to a powerful drive and to pioneering projects.

Results driven

Every choice The Reference has ever made, was motivated by the desire to produce tangible and measurable results. We will not rest before we actually accomplish things. It is an attitude that we are obliged to have, not only towards our customers but also towards ourselves. The Reference wants to enter into a long term relationship with its customers and this can only be achieved by delivering results, again and again.
The Reference has its office in the heart of Manhattan.
“I want to wake up in that city that never sleeps, and find I'm king of the hill, top of the list, head of the heap” – Frank Sinatra