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This article might seem a bit at odds with what you'd normally find here at our Reference blog. Usually we provide you with knowledgeable insights on what is out there in the digital landscape. Digital marketing, heavy CMS development, API creation and integration, topped off with a neat analytics package: we know our stuff.

This time though we're going out on a limb...

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We're starting a series we're calling "Bot Chronicles". In the coming months you'll be able to follow this series of blogposts that will document our venture into this newfangled world of bot development. How I wish I could tell you how this series will end, but just like you, I'm just along for the ride.


Why do this? Why admit to this hole in our digital knowledge?
Because we're honest to ourselves. Unlike some other companies we do not claim to have in depth knowledge on this topic, just because we, in some form or another, created a "bot" some years ago. Those were not bots.

Let me put it in skater terms:
We're not claiming to be experts in building modern longboards because we, somewhere in the 50's, bolted roller skate wheels on a surfboard and survived a downhill race.

But we're eager to learn!

True 'bot' development and the whole new channel and eco-system that will come forth from this wasn't even possible until recently. So this is new to most of us.

We're at the verge of this technology. All the needed elements are just now becoming mature enough to actually allow us to build truly useful bots:

  • AI is rapidly evolving
  • we've reached peak smartphone
  • there is enough velocity in the messaging app use
  • the big players are even pushing the needed hardware to let bots venture out into the real world.

It's not scifi anymore. We even have the means to reach into people's living rooms and interact with them through one of the most basic human communication methods: speech.

Sorry. Got carried away there. Won't happen again... not.

So what can you expect from this?

The Reference wouldn't be The Reference if we didn't do our homework. We see the writing on the wall, but we don't want to dive in head first.

If we're going to do this, we do this right. We make sure our learnings and discoveries are done in such a way that they allow us to guide our clients. And so we set forth into discovering what this new communication channel is all about, inviting you along for the ride.

In the coming weeks and months you will find regular blogposts covering our discoveries.

We'll tackle everything. There are so many questions. What platforms are out there? How do they work and what are their features? How do they handle AI, NLP, contexts and concepts (buzzword galore, don't worry though, we'll get you up to speed soon enough).

There are strategic challenges ahead. How do you decide where your bot needs to live? Which channels does it cover? How will it fit with your customer audience? How do we measure effectiveness, and which opportunities open up?

From a discovery perspective, we know a lot of methodologies and tools to flesh out a new website or other digital product.

But do those methodologies also fit for defining a bot? Can they aid us, or do we need new techniques to define tone of voice of a bot, it's personality, the storytelling aspect of its interaction, back story and character development?
This and much more in the posts to come.

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