Sitecore MVP Summit 2016 - Day 1

The Sitecore MVP Summit is hosted in New Orleans this year. Read all the insights gained by our MVP's who were very happy to go and head off to New Orleans.
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This year’s Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Summit is being hosted in New Orleans for the second time in a row. An ideal opportunity for dedicated Sitecore users and developers that have earned the title of MVP in the past year to help setting up the roadmap for the upcoming year. It also offers a unique opportunity to get a firsthand insight into what the product is going to evolve into and what the overall roadmap is for the upcoming releases.

The Reference currently has two MVP’s. One technical MVP namely Kris Verheire and one Strategy MVP  Thomas Danniau. They are currently at the MVP Summit to make sure that every aspect that holds significant value to our new and existing customers is taken in and is evaluated.

As the information that is disclosed on the summit is mostly under NDA, MVP’s are not allowed to share any specific details on the product’s next features or overall roadmap. Hence we cannot share this insights now with you.

However, what we can share though is that Sitecore has been busy to further establish a strong MVP user base. This means, that there is a very strong group out there that holds Sitecore’s interests close at heart.  These Sitecore experts help companies that consider or have chosen Sitecore as a CMS to make the right decisions and help them optimize their digital business.

This year’s summit kicked off with an insight into the types of MVP’s as well as their origin. Turns out that the MVP’s hail from 19 different countries and make up for a total of 142 experienced and driven Sitecore specialists. The group includes nine Ecommerce MVP’s, 22 Digital strategists and approximately 110 Technical MVP’s.

Without sharing any further details, as mentioned above, it is fai to say that Sitecore understands the need for a thoroughly documented system and will keep on investing there. The same can be said about  E-commerce, which is an undeniable web strategy that Sitecore is determined to take on head-first.  

Sitecore, as any strong and self-sufficient product, is challenging itself as a product on both feature and implementation level. This means that they look for customers and developers to provide feedback that can help to optimize the product even more.

As was the case with the MVP Summit in 2015, the future of the Sitecore products looks very promising and we are already excited about what 2016-2017 will bring.

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