The things we learn during our many collaborations and contracts, we are happy to share. In addition to articles on our blog, we write more in-depth white papers and we perform research projects to get know the market better:


11 e-commerce and omnichannel tactics

11 omnichannel features we believe today’s shoppers have come to expect in their shopping experience. Download your copy now!

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Taking the E out of e-commerce

What we’ve tried to do in this white paper is to give a round-up of what is state-of-the-art in e-commerce anno 2018. Any company that considers going into e-commerce, or that wants to look at its e-commerce strategy with a fresh eye, should make itself familiar with the concepts, strategy dilemma’s and tactics in this paper.

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9 expert tips to get your Sitecore flying

In this whitepaper, we'll help you to deliver the ultimate contextual omnichannel web experience for your customers and to measure the impact op the marketing efforts that drive your business. 

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Customer Experience Management

 In this whitepaper, we propose a framework for CXM as a firm-wide marketing and strategic management exercise.

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The sky is not the limit. Your imagination is the limit in Virtual Reality

In this whitepaper you'll learn where virtual, augmented & mixed reality comes from and where it will end. 

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1 micro-animation is worth 1000 images & words

In this whitepaper you’ll learn which ingredient makes your application much more intuitive, fluid and fun to use.

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Vector graphics in mobile applications

Smartphone screens are getting better and customers are getting more demanding when it comes to design. Developers today have to make sure their product is a jewel to look at. Vector graphics are the solution.

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Hot water with a touch of IoT

How to combine water with IoT in a natural way that makes sense to our everyday live? At The Reference, it is in our genes to go beyond the normal in digital.

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The arrival of the Invisible Apps

With the new devices that are out on the market such as smart watches and Apple TV’s, our screen time increases every day. But how intelligent are and become these screens?

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Customer Experience Design as a new marketing discipline

At the More than Digital Day 2015, we presented our vision and framework for a true marketing discipline around Customer Experience Design.

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7 things they don't tell you about multichannel marketing

Our somewhat contrarian view on what is told and is led to believe about multichannel marketing.

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