The Reference is now Google Marketing Platform certified company

On June 27th, Google announced that they are unifying the analytics and advertising platforms under a single brand: Google Marketing Platform. The Google Analytics 360 and the DoubleClick suite will therefore be merged under a single brand and some DoubleClick products will have new names. 

This transformation did not come as a big surprise. Over the last year both DoubleClick and GA360 solutions were growing closer to each other. As a Google Marketing Platform certified company, both solutions are totally integrated in the service offering of The Reference. Therefore, we can only encourage this evolution, because this means that the existing integrations will be extended even further. 


Google Optimize Product Certification

We are also proud to announce that aside the product certification of Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio, we recently received the Optimize Product certification.  With Optimize you can create, by means of A/B testing or multivariate testing, different versions of your web page and test which version better achieves your goals. Such techniques are now well integrated in many digital marketing platforms. However, there are some interesting features that set Optimize 360 apart such as: 

  • ease of use, 
  • enhanced reporting 
  • advanced targeting and personalization. 
  • integration with AdWords and DoubleClick (Sorry! We are of course talking about Display 360 & Video 360 ;)).  

Google AdWords will become Google Ads

GA360 and DoubleClick are not the only products with a rebranding. Google decided to rebrand AdWords to Google Ads. Search is always going to be foundational to Google’s media offerings. But the AdWords brand didn’t always resonate with display, video, and apps buyers. The new Google Ads brand is more reflective of the media offer today and where Google is going in the future.


Looking forward

This is just the beginning of the next chapter in Google’s new Marketing Platform. Together with Google, The Reference is committed to building solutions that help you achieve your marketing goals while meeting consumers' high expectations for privacy, transparency and control.


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