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The Reference is a full service digital agency that operates at the crossroads of technology and marketing.

A multidisciplinary team of over 120 experts puts the credo: "it's more than digital, it's your business" into practice every single day. 

Our unique integrated approach, considering all digital channels and customer touch points, starts with a well-supported strategy and a solid set of KPI’s. The Reference develops measurable, stage-by-stage future proof projects, using the power of digital marketing to achieve maximum results and conversion. Whenever needed, our customers can even hire one of our experts to work at their offices: to write strategic guidelines, to deliver online marketing support in busy times, to transfer their digital knowledge…

SEM, analytics, mobile apps, social media, responsive websites, affiliate marketing,… Today’s multichannel reality claims a multi-disciplinary partner that can light the way: leveraging the right channels with smart ideas to effectively boost your business. That’s what we know best and are passionate about. It’s as simple as that.



Find out more about the history, our vision and our clients or explore The Reference’s blog to keep you up to date with what's happening in the digital landscape. You can read all about what's happening between the walls of our agency in the news section, but basically we mainly hope you will pay us a visit soon. (This means you will need our address and directions.) Of course this also applies to those who have or will visit the jobs section on this site.

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Blog Creation and implementation
February 14 2017
Sitecore Local Datasources

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Content editors or marketers working within Sitecore are supposed to know what datasources are. But for those who don’t: datasources provide Sitecore architects with a mechanism to attach a content item to a presentation component (rendering). This makes these components flexible (the datasource can easily be changed) and useful for A/B testing and personalization. You can move them around and swap them out. Datasource items can also easily be re-used over several “pages”.
February 2 2017
The Bot Chronicles S01E02: R&D definition

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Well hello again and welcome to another installment of The Bot chronicles series, our foray into the fascinating world of bot development. In case you're not up to speed on this series, I suggest you revisit the previous episodes.
It's more than digital, it's your business

The Reference is nothing without its customers. Here you can see what Luminus can do for you. In return we stood for our part in the look and feel of their website, the implementation and also their mobile app.

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