AdWords Scripting for beginners: a starter pack!

AdWords, and by extension other SEA platforms too, is a very interesting acquisition channel that is often included in the marketing mix, as it allows you to directly respond to surfers’ queries. Developing a high-performance SEA campaign is time-consuming work. Time is money – and the time your customers give you to do this needs to be used as efficiently as possible.

Why Adwords scripting?

Personally, I consider AdWords scripts a time-saving tool that allows you to automate daily tasks or reports. Scripts are particularly useful when working with multiple SEA accounts, because they support you, give you valuable insights, help with reporting and save data externally. You save a lot of precious time that you can invest in more productive tasks.
Writing scripts is not for everyone, of course, but thankfully many scripts are available online. Google developers, for example, offer an extensive scripts database. I also suggest you have a look at by Russell  Savage. For more advanced scripts I’m a huge fan of Brainlabs.

How to get started? Three examples

Budget script by Remco van der Zwaag

Do you manage several accounts with different budgets? Or do you have one account with different partial budgets that need to be respected? Then rest assured that the Adwords script budget vs spend report will become your new best friend.

Enter your client IDs and their corresponding budgets in a Google spreadsheet. If you want to track several budgets within one and the same account, use labels (this can be useful when working with budgets for different regions/concession holders).



Run this script every day to receive a daily overview of your account budgets in your mailbox! This e-mail contains a table with an overview of the target spend, actual spend, spend yesterday and most importantly, the recommended daily spend. 
You can also automatically assign colours to accounts in overspend or underspend.



Link Checker script – Adwords developers

This AdWords script allows you to easily obtain information on the HTTP response codes of the landing pages in your AdWords account.

Avoid directing people to pages that no longer exist on your website – the dreaded 404 status code – or to pages that are redirected – the 3xx status code (when this happens, your paid traffic ends up referral traffic).
Start checking your HTTP response codes straight away with the Link Checker script!

Quality Score script – analyser

Every SEA consultant knows that the quality score is one of the most important components of any SEA campaign. Yet it’s not easy to analyse quality scores. Is a low quality score caused by the CTR, the relevance of the ad or the landing page? Before finding this script I had no choice but to check every single keyword by clicking on the message bubble next to the status.


The Quality score script by Karooya provides an excellent solution! This script allows you to load all of your keywords’ quality score data in a Google spreadsheet, creating a really handy overview that shows you the quality score issues for every keyword at a glance.


Useful to decide what to do next, right? 

How to get started with Adwords scripts?

It may sound super complicated, but AdWords scripts are relatively easy to implement. 
You can find the AdWords scripting module under ‘Bulk operations’.



Select it to display a page where you can add your script. Then click on the “+script” button and you’ll see an input field for your new script. 




Remove all the code in this field and replace it with the code of the script you’ve chosen. Scripts also require authorisations, because they carry out tasks on your behalf in the account, so they need permission to go ahead.



Choose a suitable name for your script, enter the required parameters and save. 


As you can see, the wonderful world of AdWords scripting is at your fingertips!

Experiment and get the most out of this cool AdWords feature. Time for a new AdWords partner? Or maybe you’re looking for some fresh, new insights? Stop by for a chat! 

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