Why a digital agency’s DNA works better than ever in consultancy and staffing

In the not so dim and distant past, candidates would often reveal their ‘agency blood’ or the character of a ‘typical advertiser’ during recruitment. And so you would explicitly ask about certain characteristics that would put people clearly into the agency or the customer camp: did they need a cosy workplace with plenty of structure or were they more the adventurous type? 
Nowadays it is difficult to justify making that distinction, because many companies are undergoing a digital transformation that means they seek support from experts, at least temporarily. They need agency DNA, but spiced up with the necessary understanding of their business. In other words, a good mixture is the key nowadays.
This is also the most important reason why many companies, advertisers and organisations are finding it increasingly useful to meet their temporary or even permanent staffing needs by working with an agency that understands the digital landscape through and through. The type of agency that has every possible sort of digital expert at hand to attract talented new people, coach them, and enable them to move into permanent positions when necessary.

So the consultant or new colleague automatically brings in the expertise that a mature digital agency has to offer?
Yes, but not ‘automatically’. The agency needs to have a structural commitment to training, ongoing mentoring and coaching for its consultants.

At The Reference we do this in various ways: we have an expert community to advise and assist our On-Site consultants; or we work with a hybrid model in which a senior consultant and a less experienced colleague work on an assignment together; or we use growth coaches to provide temporary support for a new recruit at our customers’ companies, as both mentors and operational sidekicks. In short, we always help our customers find the best possible way to win the ‘war for digital talent’.

What's more, the On-Site consultants make their own contributions to the future vision of their agency and the content of their role.
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