10 reasons to do your internship at The Reference

Your internship placement a.k.a. the place where you learn the things you do not forget within a year, is something you have to choose very carefully. Maybe you knew where you wanted to do your internship all along, or maybe you have absolutely no clue what to do or where to go. So here is a tip: The Reference. Let me, a marketing intern at The Reference, convince you by giving you 11 reasons.



  1. You get to learn, a lot. Because the tasks you get are no low-responsibility tasks. You get the kind of tasks that might scare you a bit at first. They scare you because you have no idea if you have the required skills to fulfill them or because you are scared you might make a mistake and the whole company will collapse. What I learned is that you will not know if you have the skills if you never try. And so what if you'll mess something up? That happens, as my mentor said: ‘You cannot be the best at everything!’


  2. On top of learning a lot, you also get to learn whatever you want. So if you have the insurmountable desire to try something out, you can! Unless you want to learn about the anatomy of a grasshopper, in that case you are at the wrong address (sorry to disappoint you).


  3. Experts, people who are real know-it-alls in their domain, surround you. That might make you feel like a total loser. But it should not. Because they share their knowledge with anyone who is interested. So you might be a bit of a loser when you get here, however, you get the chance to broaden your knowledge and learn from real experts.


  4. You grow a lot thanks to the feedback you get. When you do well, you will hear it, when you make a mess of something, you will hear it. Never in a mean way, of course. This helps you to see where your talents lie and shows how you can further sharpen them. It is also helpful to know what your weaknesses are so you can see what you have to work on.


  5. The Reference houses many youngsters, not that this should be the main reason to choose to do your internship here, but it surely is a nice plus.


  6. Involvement. Within The Reference, you will work in a team. This team involves you in practically everything. You can join their meetings, they give you an update on what they are doing… You are a part of the team, your opinions and ideas matter.


  7. Food. At The Reference, many things get celebrated. And what better way to celebrate than by providing sweets for everyone? Do you prefer healthy food? No problem, every Tuesday, a basket with fruit is delivered for everyone to enjoy.


  8. The vibes. The vibes at The Reference are awesome. They do know how to party. Think about karaoke’s, a cool teambuilding or an event on a cozy summer night with food, drinks, music and fortunetellers. All these events bring the group together.


  9. Its openness to new ideas. Imagine you, as an intern, have this amazing idea. Scared nobody would listen? No need! Because here, new ideas are more than welcome. Even more, The Reference needs them.


  10. Last but not least, the environment. The headquarters of The Reference are situated in the most beautiful city of the country, Ghent (we do have offices in Antwerp as well!). The building is situated in the trendiest neighborhood in town, so even if you are from Ghent, there are plenty fun things to discover here.


  11. The Reference is among the best digital agencies in Belgium. This means they have an undeniable respectability. Imagine telling your future employer you have worked for the best digital agency in Belgium, or even better, imagine working for the best digital agency in Belgium! Everything is possible!

Oh and, everyone is welcome! Whether you are a student in ICT, communication, marketing … The Reference will have a place for you within one of its solid teams. Are you completely convinced? Or do you have some questions about an internship at The Reference? Please, contact us! And who knows, maybe you will be reinforcing one of our teams next year! See you?

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