Introducing Bart Verdonck, speaker at the Sitecore Symposium on the 6th of November 2019

Sitecore has selected 2 of The Reference’s own MVP’s, Most Valuable Professionals, as speakers at the 2019 Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, Florida. We are glad to introduce our second speaker Bart Verdonck in today’s blogpost.

Who is Bart Verdonck?

Bart started working as a passionate web developer in 2005. In 2011 he started working at The Reference and 3 years later he started building Sitecore solutions. In 2018 he became a true expert on the new Sitecore Forms and released the Sitecore Forms Extension module. Bart was awarded the title of Sitecore Technology MVP this year. He specializes in Sitecore Forms and hosting Sitecore on Microsoft Azure PaaS.

Hi Bart, welcome! 

First of all, congratulations on your selection as speaker at the Symposium! How do you feel about it?
Very excited! It’s a true privilege to be able to share my insights on Sitecore with a large international audience. 

What does it mean to be a Sitecore MVP?
The Sitecore MVP award is based on contributions to the Sitecore community. It’s an honor to be part of that community. It enables us to share and gain expertise from hundreds of Sitecore experts around the globe. By actively engaging in this community, we can deliver better services to our customers.

As a Sitecore MVP and as a member of that community, my contributions consist mainly of writing (technical) blogposts with deep insights on Sitecore, creating and maintaining the Sitecore Forms Extension module, public speaking sessions and active collaboration on the community support platform StackExchange. With The Reference, we also participate in all main Sitecore events like the Sitecore Usergroup Belgium, the SugCon Europe conference (which was in London this year) and the international Sitecore Symposium in Orlando.

In terms of benefits, a Sitecore MVP gets preview access to upcoming Sitecore versions and has a good overview of where the platform is going. We also have close contacts with the Sitecore product teams and can share “in the field” feedback from our customers. This results in making the product even better and have premium support for our clients.

Do you have any expectations about the event?
Last year, the biggest innovation of Sitecore was Sitecore Javascript Services (JSS). With JSS, Sitecore now delivers a modern and advanced headless CMS system combined with Sitecore powerful personalization platform. Last year, we had the pleasure of using this new technology and I’m curious to find out what other projects have been done since then. I’m also excited to find out how this new technology has evolved.

I’m also hoping to find out more about Sitecore’s Horizon project. Horizon was announced at the Vegas Symposium in 2017 and is supposed to be the next level of web content editing. From what we could see up till now, it offers a whole new way for content editors and marketers to access their content and deliver personalized experiences to their customers.

Finally, the Symposium offers an opportunity to meet and bond with the colleagues from the Sitecore community. It’s always nice to see a face behind the email address, nickname or phone-voice we have engaged with. 

What is your presentation about?
In short: everything you need to know about Sitecore Forms. Sitecore Forms is the brand new editor that was released with Sitecore 9. It allows content editors to create forms to put on their website.  During my session, I will give 10 very useful tips of what you can achieve when using this module. We will also have a look at the extensions of this module, which are available on the market. This includes my own extension adding, enhanced email functionality, personalization features, file upload components and custom validations.

Why should we attend your session?
The session gives a great overview of all the possibilities of Sitecore Forms. It offers something for people who are new to the module, as well as people with more experience. In the session you will learn about creating wizards, applying dynamic conditions, styling, adding personalization, handling the submitted data, analyzing the usage of the form and much more. In fact, you will learn 10 things you didn’t know about Sitecore Forms.

Do you have a special routine to prepare yourself for your presentation?
Not really, I’m not a great believer in lucky charms and superstition. Though I might wear my WinForLife socks, I got from one of our customers.  A good preparation and some tryout presentations should take away most of the nerves. A bit of stress can’t hurt.

Thanks Bart! Good luck at the Symposium and keep us posted on how it went.

Bart is presenting on Wednesday, the 6th of November 2019
02:35 pm — 03:20 pm
Session title: 10 things you didn't know about Sitecore Forms

As the new kid on the block Sitecore Forms was introduced with Sitecore 9 and kicked the old WFFM solution out of the platform as of version 9.1. Time to discover what this new module has to offer. Learn everything about multi-page forms, conditional fields, performance insights, submit actions, validation and many more cool features. Let's have a look on what is delivered out of the box and the custom extension points. Find out how the Sitecore Forms Extensions module adds even more features and brings Sitecore Forms to the next level by offering a content editor friendly solution for creating forms on your website.

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