The emoji revolution has begun!

The moment everybody was waiting for, all winter long, has arrived. The new Facebook 'like' buttons are here!  As Facebook puts it: 'From now on we can REALLY express our emotions about the status updates and news items we want to give our opinion about'. 

The moment everyone was waiting for the whole winter: the new Facebook like buttons have arrived. As Facebook put it, from now on we can REALLY express our emotions about certain news items and statuses. These changes were announced in October 2015, but only finished today.


Emoji’s, emoji’s everywhere

We need to point our fingers towards the Millennials. According to the research of the marketing bureau Deep Focus, 4 out of 10 Millennials show their involvement and participation rather with photos than text. Why on earth making the effort of reading and build sentences if you can simply show it in a glance? 

That is why you can find these accompanying little yellow faces or other emoji-variants in almost every Millennial status update tweet or Instagram post. Emoji’s, in many cases replace a whole bunch of words or sentences that we would otherwise send to each other. It is an easy way of expressing our tone of voice and our non-verbal communication online and a grateful fast way to give context to your message. But let us admit it, it is no longer only the teenagers and younger people that express their emotions with the help of emoji’s. Because Emoji’s went mainstream! 

Now, what does this mean for your communication?  

Studies have shown that brands who work on a customer relationship on an emotional level, have two times more impact than those who only try to sell their products.  

Hence it is important for companies to look for effective ways to (quickly) communicate with their customers. The winning companies are those who furnish a very simple customer experience. Look at the example of Domino’s Pizza. Once a customer has made an ‘Easy Order’ Account with his or her pizza preferences indicated, the only thing this customer needs to do, the next time, ordering a pizza, is to tweet a pizza emoji. That’s what we call tasty simplicity!


Most probably some interesting opportunities lie in these new Facebook buttons to improve the customer experience for your company too? Test it out! But remain faithful to you social media tone of voice and determine carefully where playfulness and emoji’s can find their place. Do not rush this. There is always an audience that will not embrace this new form of communication (immediately). So start small and test the approach that works for you. 
Good luck!

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