And again, it changes the way we communicate

Technology already revolutionized it, but now social media has played a huge roll in the way we communicate. In this article, we describe a few of the ways it’s changed. 

It is no news that technology has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another. It is probably hard to imagine for the younger ones, but there truly was a time where people had limited options for exchanging information. I’m gen X, so yes, I had to knock on a friend’s door to see if they were home. Nowadays the one year olds already figured out how to swipe on their mommy’s phone. We’re now able to access any kind of information and share things in a way which wasn’t possible in a previous generation.

Technology already revolutionized it, but now social media has played a huge roll in the way we communicate. Here are a few of the ways it's changed:

More immediate communication

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are rapidly changing the way we interact with businesses and the way brands interact with consumers. In April, Facebook introduced bots, which gave businesses the ability to provide automated customer support. (Make sure to check out our Bot Chronicles series)


It even becomes more action based thanks to the newly rolled-out functionality to complete purchases through the ‘buy-button’ on Messenger. So there’s no need to navigate away from the platform. 

And then there was Slack. This e-mail killer makes internal communication easier, more direct, open and transparent. Slack is like a messaging app that allows different parts of an organization to set up different channels for discussions. So all team communication is in one place. If someone wants to alert you, they just need to tag your name and you’ll get a notification, just as on Facebook. It is letting you share files, posts, images and gifs. 

“Give the people the power to share and make the world more connected and transparent.” - Mark Zuckerberg

More expressive communication

Visual communication is here to stay. As we’re living in an era of content abundance, we need to get to the point quicker than ever. Pictures, emoji’s and gifs are the new language of the Internet. 

The best example remains Instagram. The app offers a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand with visual and engaging content. Using Instagram Stories can now be an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. It’s about time to show your products in action! 

More immersive communication

We all have to deal with one important challenge. There is so much stuff/content out there. Everything competes with everything. The only way to stand out and get discovered, is to create meaningful moments. 

We’ve come to a point where we have a shorter attention span than a gold fish. So be creative and think differently, because you have 1.7 seconds to make a good impression. Oh, and let data help you! Just know that engagement is not the metric to measure success as 99% of your buyers did not interact with your business. 

Need help with your content strategy? We’re happy to help you to make your business stand out. 




*infographic: Facebook Messaging Survey by Nielsen

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