KIKK, creativity in a digital world

A robust and international festival about creativity in digital cultures.

KIKK festival festival is an international festival about creativity in digital cultures. The event brought world’s most talented coders, designers, artists and visionary people together. Participants could expect an engaging blend of:

Technology - Visual art - Music- Architecture- Design - Interactive Media

In short, the place to be for the designers of The Reference. Graphic Designers Conny Misseeuw and Björn Van Houtte tell enthusiastically about their experiences at the KIKK festival.


We were overwhelmed at first sight by the fantastic venue, where there was no lack of trendy food trucks. But it were the conferences that attracted our attention. Amongst others attracted the presentation of Onformative our attention.


Onformative is a digital studio who makes visualizations via their own software. And by visualization we mean not just any visualizations, but really the craziest things. We like to illustrate this with an example: Twitter messages related to specific company, can be visualized in geometric shapes. The influence of a certain tweet has an impact on the color of the geometric shape. So can a major tweet color red. Very experimental don’t you think?

Daily tous les jours

This speaker succeeded to attract all the attention. Daily tous les jours is a studio that realizes projects with the focus on the social aspect of the project. A nice example of such a project is 'The Wings'

The Wings in an interactive installation which consists of a set of musical swings. The swings are in a musical play in which certain melodies arise purely through cooperation. It is a play in which you need to adapt to the action of others. The swings allow the participants to make music with their entire body. This creates a unique sense of belonging. The project offers a new experience in the making of collective music.

Casey Neistat

Youtube can indeed be the beginning of a successful career. As Casey has made it as a moviemaker thanks to Youtube. See his hits below:


Also day two was one to remember. We saw among others the two boys of SoNice development.


An escalated hobby project of a student robot techniques and a student of visual arts that is SoNice development. Together they developed a ‘façade-printer’, which enables them together with a homemade paint-ball canon-printer to print rudimentary statements on facades. It soon became clear that the participation in the event was of greater importance than the end result. Yet they wanted to define the product and so they developed a robo-paint-machine that walks on the walls and paints. 

SoNice: new experiences, machines, inspirational, material, architecture.


UNIT9 is a multidisciplinary production company which brings top of the bill digital experiences by allowing directors, writers and technicians to work together. They are amongst other things active in advertising films, games, virtual reality, mobile apps, etc. Additional attention went to a project that combines digital 3D-rendering with the dance production ‘Artism Act II’. Using Kinect motion capture and video mapping makes it look like the dancers and the 3D projections merge into one. 

UNIT9: searching limits, innovative, storytellers, emotion generators, collabs.


  • Zach Lieberman, a man who strives for the free sharing of knowledge.
  • Co- founder of OpenFrameworks who developed ‘eyewriter’, a drawing tool which is controlled with the eye. The paralyzed graffiti artist Temp Tone can now exercise his art again.
  • Pablo Garcia,fascinated by optical illusion and classical artists. He developed an affordable reissue of the Camera Lucida, a 19th C drawing tool.


We both returned home with a suitcase full of inspiration, and eagerly look forward to the next edition of KIKK. It is certainly a must for all creatives. 

A robust festival. Congratulations KIKK!

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