Balance creativity and optimization in your campaigns

Digital platforms are overflown with advertisements. To stand out, you have to be creative, but also adopt an analytical mindset to make sure your campaign is optimized for success.

balancing creativity and performance in marketing

Why creative? Because your campaign should stand out. An over-optimized campaign with big CTA’s and conversion forms work on paper, but don’t grab the attention of your target audience.

Why analytical? Without the right level of optimization, your creative campaign won’t reach the relevant target audience. Nor will you know if it actually made an impact.

To find the right balance, build your campaign on these four pillars:

1: Good storytelling

People like to relate with something. Your campaign should go beyond merely your product or service, and should connect on a personal level.

2: The right audience

Know who you are targeting and reflect this in the creatives of your campaign. Also understand the phase of the customer journey in which you are trying to reach your audience. Three to five personas should help you in this.

3: Relevant channels and formats

Research which platforms your target audience use most. If you advertise on the channels where your audience is, your campaign will have more reach and a bigger impact. When you have selected your top channels, select the formats that perform best there.

4: Play the numbers game

When starting a campaign, a lot of your decisions are based on educated guesses. To find out what actually attracts and speaks to your audience, start your campaign with some A/B tests, measure results and optimize on the go. Also make sure the landing page your campaign leads to is optimized for success.

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