How On-Site Consultants work in times of COVID-19

Two weeks ago, I started as a Digital Marketing Consultant in the On-Site team at The Reference. Fully digital of course, due to COVID-19 all consultants are working remotely for the coming weeks.

On-Site consultant


Online communication tools

The Reference provides us with solid online communication and video conferencing tools, allowing us to keep working like we’re used to. In that way we can help our clients in a quick and efficient way, as if we were working at the office with them.

In the meanwhile, a client asked me to adjust the content on one of their webpages according to the circumstances we live in right now. Fortunately, I don’t need more than a good internet connection and a laptop to do so. Furthermore, I keep in touch with the marketing team via video calls. In that way, I stay up to date on new developments and don’t lose touch with the team.


What can you do as a business?

How to cope with the changing circumstances differs from organization to organization. However, we think that the tips below can lead you the way:

  • Firstly, try to map out the impact it will have on your business. How to deal with your physical store that has to close? What to do if you don’t have enough work for your employees? How to cope with your web shop that’s completely overloaded? Make a list of all those things and try to calculate the potential impact on your business.
  • Adjust your marketing strategy according to the current situation. If you have campaigns running that push people into your stores, pause them or alter your campaigns with a new CTA that leads to your web shop. Consider that the use of mobile apps and games is boosting right now and figure out how to integrate that into your new strategy. And lastly, make an estimate if your marketing campaign still has added value for your potential customers. If that’s not the case, pause it or set up a new campaign.
  • Based on your new strategy, you can set up a new media plan and optimize or refocus your digital ads.
  • Adjust the content on your website and make sure that the information cannot be perceived as hurtful. Be careful with content that directly responds to the current situation. This can quickly be perceived as opportunistic.
  • Communicate with your employees and customers in an open and transparent way. There are different channels that you can use for that: newsletters, social media, your customer care department, …
  • Some marketing activities may be suspended. Use that time in a valuable way and work on things that have been on your to-do list for a while. For instance, optimizing the SEO and UX of your website, re-evaluate landing pages that you created, automize campaigns, follow interesting webinars or online trainings and so on.

Who can help you with this?

Do you want to adjust your marketing strategy, but you don’t know how? A digital strategist can definitely show you how. Or are you rather looking for a content marketeer that can adjust the content on your website? Or a performance marketeer that can adjust your campaigns?

For all jobs digital, it’s smart to hire a temporary On-Site consultant. The Reference On-Site offers you the right expert with the necessary know-how.


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