Structure your digital marketing efforts with this acceleration roadmap

As a digital marketer, it’s easy to see all the work ahead of you while building your brand and promoting your business. Preferably, you’d like to do everything at once, but since we’re all limited to 24 hours every day you’ll have to set priorities and plan ahead. This framework, used by our very own digital marketing experts, can help you with that.

A digital marketing acceleration roadmap isn’t about going from zero to lightspeed in a few simple steps. Rather, it’s a way of determining the pacing of your marketing efforts over the year. This roadmap helps you form a good idea of what you can do, when to do it, and how much of an impact you aim to have with these initiatives.

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The digital acceleration quadrant

Our digital acceleration roadmap is based on a quadrant that holds effort against impact. The quadrant looks like this:

digital marketing acceleration quadrant

On this quadrant, you can map all digital marketing initiatives you want to execute over the coming year. This will help you prioritize what needs to be done first.

Planning your actions in the acceleration roadmap

Our digital marketing acceleration roadmap consists of three parts: an actions overview, the acceleration quadrant, and a month-over-month graphic. You can find these elements in three separate tabs in the template.

In the actions tab, you define the various actions in corresponding subdomains you want to carry out over the year. This can be anything. For example: you build a reporting dashboard in the paid search domain, or perform keyword research for organic search.

digital marketing domains and actions

For each of these actions, you estimate what the impact on your digital marketing results would be, and how much effort it would take to get this done. Based on this, the template will tell you how high of a priority this action should be.

impact versus effort ratio

Next, you have to decide how many days you aim to spend on the action. After this, you can plan out in which month of the year you want to spend these days. To do this efficiently, you can take a look at the second tab to get an overview of all actions mapped on the quadrant we described earlier.

For a more schematic view of the domains in which you will be spending your time over the course of the year, you can take a look at the graphic in the third tab of the template. This gives you a good overview of your priorities for each month. With this graph, you’re able to pinpoint when it’s best to work on high effort projects, for example.

acceleration roadmap graphic

Watch out for these pitfalls

Even though we strongly believe our acceleration roadmap offers you the tools and insights to take your digital marketing to the next level, there are some pitfalls you might fall into.

Don’t just look at the impact versus effort ratio

Even though the acceleration quadrant helps you decide which actions to prioritize, it shouldn’t be the only element in your decision making process. In the end, every digital marketing initiative will have its value. That’s why you will have to look at the time in which you aim to perform these actions as well. Over the summer, for example, you can spend some more time on search engine optimization, of which the impact might be a bit more long-term compared to the amount of effort it takes to do it right.

Don’t focus too much on scope

Some projects might seem daunting when seen in the grand scheme of things. Don’t get too caught up on scope, since that will ultimately have you postponing essential initiatives. The point of the acceleration roadmap is to get started and knowing what to do first. Big projects can be planned in chunks over the year.

Don’t put too much time in managing to do’s

Yes, you can look at the acceleration roadmap as a big to do-list. Ultimately, it will help you tick off all boxes on your digital marketing checklist. The thing with to do-lists, though, is that managing it might become a big chunk of the work itself. Try to avoid this. The goal of the acceleration roadmap is to get going. Let it be your guide over the year, but don’t go around tweaking it constantly.

Don’t be blind for new opportunities

The danger in following a meticulously planned roadmap, is that you miss the new opportunities that are staring you right in the face. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, meaning that you should be open for new trends and ideas. It’s good to know what you will be doing when, but allow priorities to be shifted if something with a lot of potential comes along.

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Text written by Lazlo Cootmans, based on the webinar by Daan Goor.

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