Why Drupal Commerce is a great solution for your commerce platform

Drupal Commerce is an e-commerce solution that is completely built on Drupal, making it very difficult for other e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Prestashop to compete effectively.

Why is that? Over the past 18 months, we have seen clear changes in the algorithms used by Google (Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird), which have made it an absolute must to use a robust content management system as the basis for your e-commerce platform.

So in the future, it will be hard for stand-alone platforms such as Magento and Prestashop to be found on Google unless they combine with strong content management systems.

Which brings us to the following challenge: integrating e-commerce platforms with content management systems. You will require a lot of custom development to get there, as these different platforms are simply not designed to work with each other.

What you really need is a solution that can offer an e-commerce platform and a content management system in one, which is why we generally recommend Drupal in combination with Drupal Commerce as a great solution for setting up an e-commerce platform.

In light of this, here are some interesting facts illustrating why you should choose Drupal Commerce:

  • Drupal is a very powerful content management system and online marketing platform. Drupal Commerce is fully integrated in Drupal, and benefits from all the advantages that the power of Drupal offers, so your end users can enjoy a seamless experience on your e-commerce website.

  • Lower investment in development (in comparison with a solution where you have two separate systems) because you don’t need to integrate two separate systems.

  • Choosing Drupal Commerce avoids other duplication too: you need only one design for both your website and your e-commerce platform, there is only one configuration to consider, and you can very easily highlight certain articles in one place without having to involve a digital agency.

  • As Drupal Commerce uses Drupal, you don't need to pay for expensive licensing costs. Not satisfied with your current digital agency? No worries: your e-commerce platform works with open-source technology.

  • Your e-commerce platform is also safe: Drupal performs weekly security updates which are closely monitored by the permanent Drupal Security Team that has the sole task of keeping Drupal as secure as possible.

  • SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and Google Analytics are much simpler to manage as they work with just a single system rather than two separate systems. Optimising the customer journey is much simpler as your end user has to follow only one path to order products from your website.

  • Drupal Commerce has various options for retaining and monitoring your orders. These can be found on the same admin panel as content management, so it’s easy for you to monitor your orders, and manage and update your website.

  • In addition, Drupal Commerce has different modules to monitor visitor numbers to your website, and their conversion to customers when they order products on your website.

  • Because Drupal Commerce works with Drupal, your e-commerce platform also uses Drupal's powerful system, which allows you to fully manage users and their roles, for example customers’ rights on your website.

  • As mentioned, Drupal Commerce is open-source, which allows you to use functionalities developed by a team of over one million developers from across the world. Many of these functionalities are designed to give you a better understanding of your clients' needs, and so increase sales.

  • Are you using an external system to monitor your orders or for customer management? No problem. Drupal can be easily integrated with external applications, as a powerful API layer is built into Drupal 8. This allows you to share all the data from your website with other systems. If you want to extract data from your external systems, you can use the Feeds module in Drupal.

  • Unlike Magento and WordPress, where you often have to pay more for ‘premium’ plugins or modules, Drupal Commerce is completely free. You will never have to pay extra for modules that already exist.

It is very difficult to convince you to choose Drupal Commerce or Drupal in a single blog post, and this article covers just some of the benefits. There are many more reasons to choose Drupal Commerce with Drupal.

If you need more convincing, take a look at the Drupal Commerce or Drupal website, or just get in touch with me (@lgovaer) for a no-obligation chat. I'm here to help!



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