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The Reference now has no less than 7 Sitecore DMS certified developers.
But why do we invest in this technology?

DMS - the Digital Marketing Suite - is part of the Sitecore platform. One definition of DMS is that it's a set of marketing tools to measure and optimise the performance of content, based on Sitecore Engagement Values. 

But what is the relevance for our clients? In other words: why does The Reference keep investing in its knowledge of these tools?

An often-heard answer is that we are living in the age of the customer and that we must engage with that customer by connecting with him in a hyperpersonalised way.

Engaging, hyperpersonalising and connecting are not the end-goal. They are only tactics in achieving company objectives. We need to achieve business goals, not Facebook-likes goals.

Of course, the idea behind the story of the age of the customer is right. Focusing on the customer is imperative. Businesses need to know what their customers want and how to service them exceptionally well. Of course, this requires a decent set of tools to achieve.

But we knew that all along. 

One of the pillars of IBM's growth was Thomas J. Watson Sr.'s mantra of the never-ending and absolute focus on the customer:

  • Try to understand as much as possible about the client and his context;
  • Make an offer that has unsurpassable value to that customer;
  • Pre- and aftersales service must be world-class.

Digital tools such as the ones Sitecore puts at our disposal have made these lofty goals easier to achieve.

Sitecore's extensive Experience Analytics - complementary to e.g. Google Analytics - allow us to understand much better who our (potential) customers are: what drives them, where their interests are, etc.

This enriched knowledge allows us to create a more valuable offering. Website content for instance can be made more relevant: what we offer and show is in line with what is important for a specific visitor.

The more we know about the customer and his or her context, the more relevant and therefore valuable our offering becomes. 

The next logical phase is the transaction. It is not a final destination; it's a logical consequence of the fact that what we offer is valuable. This transaction can be anything: an online purchase, or a simple newsletter subscription. Because DMS stores a visitor's complete history and because we can link this to other data (such as CRM data), we can strive to deliver world-class services. 

The answer to why The Reference invests in the DMS certification of seven extra colleagues must be obvious by now: because it dramatically benefits our clients' businesses.

By the way: we will be using the Sitecore Experience Platform for our own business development as well. You can find out about that in this presentation.


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