10 things you should remember from DrupalCon in Amsterdam

DrupalCon Time! In the last week of October our team went to Amsterdam for DrupalCon Europe 2019. Needless to say we saw a lot interesting talks and learned a lot about the next steps. We would like to give you our top 10 things you must remember from the latest Drupalcon Europe.



  1. Drupal 9 is coming. In June 2020 Drupal 9 will have its first stable release. Drupal 9 is built on top of Drupal 8, which will make it fairly easy to update your websites to Drupal9
  2. Layout builder is stable as from Drupal 8.7. Layout builder is a new way of letting your content managers layout different pages. It allows aligning and stacking blocks of content inside your node region.
  3. Configuration management for complex websites or multisites has never been an easy task. As from Drupal 8.8 new features should make it a bit easier to maintain the config, although there’s a long way ahead of us.
  4. Automatic updates are coming to Drupal. As from now there’s an experimental contrib module, but will be supported as from Drupal 9.
  5. Update status module allows you to check whether or not your Drupal 8 website is ready to (automatically) update to Drupal 9. It looks for deprecated code and gives you a report of what you need to do before being able to update to Drupal 9.
  6. Claro is the new admin theme and is included since Drupal 8.6. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s already looking great. Claro focusses on accessibility and even has a high-contrast mode.
  7. Olivero is the frontend replacement theme for the old Bartik. It’s being built to give first-time users a more pleasant experience with Drupal. And it just looks great!
  8. Json API Query builder allows you to easily build your queries for endpoints. You can then use those queries in your front-end applications. The query builder is easy to use as clickable interface.
  9. If you are running Drupal (8) websites, you should know the in - and outside of your application. Using metrics and logging server activity can give a lot of insights on why your Drupal website might be slower than you want.
  10. SEO is essential in terms of digital marketing. Small reminder that Drupal (8) has a lot of very nice contrib modules to help you achieve the right SEO configuration.

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