Google Analytics 360 Suite: new Premium-possibilities with Google

Those who like to dive in figures of his websites, apps and online marketing may expect a lot the next months. Google enrols namely Google Analytics 360 Suite, the renewed enterprise solution. Superlatives were not shunned. We read about a “Marketing Revolution”. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner we were invited for a first presentation. Here we shine a bit of light on what we and other data nerds can expect.

The transition of Google Analytics to Google Analytics 360 is more than a name change. Google Analytics becomes a part of what will be called “Google Analytics Solutions”. Which is a collection of all Google products that have to do with marketing. Digital marketing? No all marketing hence also offline. Thanks to Attribution 360 can also metrics concerning offline data be involved in every marketing analysis.

An overview of all the products:

Google Analytics 360

This “golden oldie” will get in the next couple of weeks a style change and will be updated with some new features. Google Analytics is not only running in your website for quite a while. Thanks to the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol it can also be lined with CRM-data and those who have some skills can link really everything with Google Analytics. A complete list with new features is not yet available but what we already know is, is that all that data, e.g. segments, will be exportable to Audience Centre 360 and Optimize 360. 

Audience Center 360

This gets us to the next part. With this piece of software marketers will be able to define the target audience more efficient. Those segment scan be used on other places i.e. Adwords and DoubleClick. This ensures that budgets can be applied more useful to reach out to the right consumers and prospects. Here also will it be possible to add data from other sources.

Optimize 360

Knowing whom your target audience is one step, use that information to advertise is another step. But the most important thing is to convert that target audience. Ameliorate your newsletter. Make it easier to buy a product. Make sure that people watch your movie. Optimize 360 is an advanced AB-test tool that is strongly supported with a (Bayesian) statistic whereby performing experiments and analysing them is made more easy.

Attribution 360 

Attribution 360 is a rebranding of Adometry. It is a Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) tool of Google. Anno 2016 we switch from screen to screen. From commercials on the television to a review on your Smartphone. From an article on your tablet to a purchase on your desktop. With Attribution 360 you can follow your customers and prospects over different devices and channels. Hereby you will learn which channel is used by your target audience and how match a conversion costs. Even more, the built-in tool makes it possible to optimize the marketing costs. 

Tag Manager 360

All that measurement doesn’t happen overnight. With the Tag Manager new things can be added easily on to your digital channels without the help of a developer.

Data Studio 360

The capstone of Google Analytics Solutions. Google has built the last three months behind the scenes on a brand new dash-boarding tool. This tool consists of three components. Dashboards, Data Connections and Analysis. It will be very easy in the future to bring Adwords- and DoubleClick-data in an intuitive dashboard. A big plus is that different external data sources can be integrated. For example, think of Google Spreadsheets and divers API’s. Although other software, like Klipfolio, already offer this service we will need to wait to see how Data Studio 360 will distinguish itself. A feature we already like is the collaboration. Just like in Google Drive will different users be able to work on to the same dashboard.

How this revolutionary integration of all these tools will have an impact on your marketing strategy en the tools you already use will be become clear in the next couple of months. One thing is clear: our marketing consults are present on all trainings and will keep you informed on the latest news!

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