10 insights you should remember from our 'Uncover the business in your data' event

August 28, we organized our summer closing event Uncover the business in your data at Zuiderbad in Hofstade. Four inspirational talks to make you think about all things data and A.I. In this blogpost you'll find what you shouldn't forget.




We asked several attendees to make a 'must-not-forget list'. Below is the consolidated list with the most important insights. 

  1. The technology to capture, transfer, transform and store data has evolved tremendously over the past decade.
  2. Recently, the market for big data infrastructure has been consolidated, yet the market for big data applications has exploded.
  3. The tools that enable working with real-time data are not necessarily more expensive and harder to implement than more traditional data ecosystems.
  4. A real-time data ecosystem is more a matter of mindset than of technology.
  5. Everybody is a decision maker and data scientists are in the business of assisting them.
  6. Maximizing a data scientist’s value is not only a matter of finding the right profiles, there are also organizational aspects that determine whether one will be impactful.
  7. Executive sponsorship is a crucial driver in achieving success through innovation.
  8. Technological progress can move fast, so it’s essential to think, act and execute at the same time. Given this fact, allow for failure.
  9. Innovation, whether through data-driven technologies or not, requires thinking beyond the technology and having eye for organizational capabilities.
  10. Start small, yet do start with data & AI projects within your organization. Already started? Scale up fast and move on. 
  11. (Bonus!) You're not in this all alone. Find partners like us to guide, support and challenge you. ;-) 

Get in touch. We'll be glad to discuss how data can be an asset for your company. 
In case you might want to take a sneak peek at the pictures, you'll find them over here



September 4 2019

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