HR Analytics: towards effective and future-oriented HR management

For many HR professionals, it seems to be a trend that occasionally emerges and then silently disappears again. Nevertheless, HR Analytics is indispensable for effective and future-oriented HR management. However, it is crucial to use the large amount of collected data in the right way and to examine it qualitatively. And that's where things often go wrong…


What is HR analytics?

For the sake of clarity, we would like to explain first what we mean by HR analytics:
"The systematic identification and quantification of the impact of human behaviour on the operating result with a view to taking the best possible decisions.”

It is therefore a question of collecting objective figures on the one hand, and interpreting them to make assumptions and presumptions measurable on the other. Based on objective data, you discover patterns and make connections, in order to obtain a well-founded action plan.

HR analytics

To measure is to know

Data is knowledge, also in HR. And there is a lot of data available. Just think of staff satisfaction, staff turnover, stress on the shop floor, training needs… By using the data correctly, underlying causes are identified and analysed. How high is the staff turnover and does it affect sales? How big is the impact of new recruitment on the operating result? Are there certain departments that are more susceptible to these changes? And so on…

Extensive HR Analytics is inspiring, brings new insights and ensures that as a HR manager you can plan and support your decisions for the management with objective, tangible data, rather than acting on gut feeling. The decision to invest in new recruitment or a strategic training plan for a certain group of employees is made so much faster and is always part of a long-term strategy to recruit and retain talent. And then, of course, to continue to measure and monitor the impact.

First aid for data: a data consultant

Analyzing and interpreting all this data in an objective way is often no easy feat. The critical eye of an external consultant is therefore invaluable. After all, an external consultant acts independently and can thus place himself above existing processes and dynamics. Painful areas are identified quicker and from a broad experience in various sectors data consultants come up with many alternative solutions.

The Reference responds quickly by deploying specialized data consultants immediately at your premises. Under the motto "Endless commitment is what you can expect from our On-Site consultants", they use their data expertise specifically, supported by colleagues at The Reference.

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*Source: Van den Heuvel & Bondarouk, 2016.


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