Five reasons to explain why a Klipfolio dashboard is interesting for your organization

Klipfolio is an online platform which can be used to develop your own real-time business dashboards. Klipfolio allows you to connect, process and visualize different data services in an interesting and attractive way. Klipfolio is founded in 2011 and is, at the moment, one of the most important international players in the field of real time dashboarding.


The Reference has centralized data from different channels in a single real-time KPI dashboard for customers as IKEA, DELA, Ansell, OZ, Unilever, Barco, P&V and Starwood.

Here is a list of the advantages of Klipfolio:

1)   Monitor your ROI in real-time

A klipfolio dashboard enables you to follow your campaign, in real-time, every minute of the day. The most important KPI’s can be consulted which ensures that communication is transparent and changes can be made rapidly.


2) Save time

Reporting without Klipfolio depends on Excel, PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations and the gathering of data is very time consuming. Thanks to Klipfolio we can download this data in real-time and use our time to analyze and optimize instead of picking up data from different sources.

“Klipfolio is an essential tool to report numbers of visitors, conversion goals, leads and social media facts & figurers to other departments and the management. Making these reports monthly was very time consuming. Now we get the monthly dashboard in our mailbox with one click on the button. Thanks the crystal clear setup by The Reference it is possible to assemble the data in Klipfolio in real-time. This enables us to closely monitor and react and optimize rapidly."
Davy Van der Aa, Content & Conversation Manager - DELA

3) See the big picture

We are a digital-first multichannel service provider and integrated thinking and working is in our DNA. Naturally a thorough reporting and clear understanding of all the data points and their relationships is part of this. An mail campaign with a high open rate and click through rate, is less interesting when the quality of its visitors on the website is not good. Contact acquisition is only valuable when it can be transformed into a qualitative lead. A campaign with a ‘Low cost per Click’ is not valid before the ‘Cost Per Conversion’ is also within your objectives. In other words, you can only evaluate your (marketing) efforts only when you break through the silos of different channels and departments.


4) Your data tells a story

An abundance of data rarely presents itself as useful and meaningful information: too much numbers and too little insight. In order to grasp the constant growth of data you need to be able to convert your data into a story. Thanks to the powerful data visualization of Klipfolio you have the flexibility to present your findings any way you want.


5) Uniformly centralize your data

The strenght of Klipfolio lies in the flexible way of connecting with your data.  There are different connectors available to import your data on the basis of an API. You can easily download data from eg. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheet, Marketo etc. It is also possible to connect the platform directly to a database as MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle etc. or you can use a (automatic) csv, XML or JSON Upload.


This flexibility gives you the possibility to centralize and create a 360° image of all the KPI’s within your organization.

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