Belgian Umbraco User Group meetup at The Reference

We like building high-end digital products.
We like the challenge, the journey and the excitement behind discovering, architecting & building each product. 
But we also like building the community behind our technological tools. One of those communities is the Umbraco community. The driving force behind the community in Belgium is the BUUG, the Belgian Umbraco User Group. Each month they organize a meetup where a group of Umbraco enthusiasts comes together to discuss anything related to Umbraco.

This week, 26th of February, we organized the BUUG event in the offices from the Reference in Ghent. We had plenty of reasons to put in some extra effort:

  • Last week Umbraco won the Future Unicorn Awards from Digital Europe as a high potential company
  • A few hours before kicking off the BUUG meetup, Umbraco version 8 was released.

After a short introduction to the 26 attendees, Jeroen Vantroyen kicked off by presenting insights on performance tweaking an Umbraco website. Last month he joined a Google hackathon and was able to drastically improve the performance. Starting with the basics he quickly moved to the more advanced topics, combined with do’s and don’ts. The result of all his effort? An increase of 429% in performance score. Impressive!

Jeroen Troyen BUUG event

Damiaan Peeters gave a recap of social Umbraco events for the next few months, followed by a deep dive into the new Umbraco. After 6 years (!) it was launched earlier that day, so all new and shiny, ready to be discovered. Most important learnings? 
  • Infinite editing is a very nice feature for the system. Umbraco becomes even more user friendly.
  • Language variants. Ideal for multi-country/multilingual sites
  • The use of content apps, in order to extend Umbraco even further
  • No more tabs in the interface ;-)
  • And many, many more … 

Damiaan Peeters BUUG

To close up, time for drinks, pizza and catching up with the community. See you next time!

BUUG pizza

February 26 2019

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