Cancelled: Fast Forward

02 Apr 2020
Want to increase conversion, create leads or raise business value in a short period of time? Fast Forward will provide you with hands-on hacks & advice and more detailed information on how to accelerate your business through digital. The physical event can't take place, but if you're still interested in the concept, please sign up, we will update you as soon as possible. (no agencies please).
To be determined

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are also taking precautions and will not go through with the event in Destelbergen. We are, however, looking into alternative ways to provide you with the content we prepared for you.

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Think big. Start small. How to benefit from Growth Marketing even though you're not a start-up.

Growth Marketing is a relatively new field. It started in relation to early-stage startups, which needed massive growth in a short period of time with relatively small budgets. However since then it also reached bigger organizations. Growth Marketing is often described as data-driven, full funnel marketing based on rapid experimentation.

So, the goal of growth marketing tactics is generally to acquire as many goals as possible, while efficiently using or managing your efforts. Our first talk will be an inspirational session in which we'll elaborate on what Growth Marketing exactly entails and what it takes to adapt that particular mindset of continuous optimization.

Expert talk 1 

Let data be your guide and show you the way

Once you've decided you want to start with growth marketing, where better than with your own gathered data. But how to start analyzing your data? And which points of improvement can you derive from that analysis? What does that teach you? And how can you proceed so that it ultimately creates value for your business?

Expert talk 2

The power of convincing  & appealing content 

Once you've decided to take a close look on your data and after you did a proper analysis, it's time to get serious about your content. Most organizations are sitting on piles and piles of content and information, but what makes that content valuable? What exactly is "good" content? What guidelines do you have to take into account?

A big part of content is mostly written, but visualized content is definitely on the rise. How can you make sure your visuals are truly creative? How can you establish that they capture the attention of whomever visits one of your channels. And can you guarantee your brand story is properly and consistently represented? This talk will provide you with hacks and advice on how to create relevant and inspiring content that truly captivates peoples attention.

Expert talk 3 

Optimizing your CX & UX for maximal conversion

Sins against a proper user experience are often committed. Think about the position of the CTAs, the usability of a contact form, the structure of a web or landing page, and so on. How can you quickly evaluate and optimize your own web pages? And how to make sure those changes have a positive effect on your conversion rate? Furthermore, we would like to zoom in on the customer experience as well: is your brand story and look & feel consistently portrayed across all your channels, online as well as offline?

Expert talk 4

Smart digital marketing tactics that make the difference

You might possess the most convincing and attractive content and might have created the most amazing customer & user experiences - yet how do you make sure you get valuable traffic to your channels? How can you tweak your digital marketing tactics in an innovative way that it drives more traffic and ultimately gets you a higher conversion rate?

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