Become digitally resilient

In an ever-changing world, companies face multiple challenges every day. Decisions that we make today, might not add up tomorrow. Questions as: “Am I future proof?” or “What if?” come to mind frequently. Yet, no company can really predict the next big thing in their market. Technology is really reinventing organizations and urges leaders to rethink the way they do business. Therefore, it is of the essence to have a plan in place that copes with reality. Furthermore, that plan needs to be flexible and must allow everyone within the organization to act accurate and fast when a big market change occurs.

Only, how can we accomplish that? How can we really be prepared for what’s coming? The answer lays in a different way of thinking and ultimately in a different way of working. We believe that companies who are digitally resilient can turn digital threats into opportunities that allow them to create a competitive advantage and an enhanced performance.


In short, we believe that digital resilience can only be achieved when you put the following 5 elements into your business strategy:

  1. Embrace change management and make sure to implement an agile culture within your organization
  2. Think of data as an asset, and even more importantly, act on the insights gathered
  3. See technology as a facilitator for your business, rather than an inhibitor
  4. Do not only get acquainted with your customers, but know them well so you can give them what they need (instead of what they ask)
  5. Acknowledge the importance of a resilient organization and tap into your staff’s talents, all of them

In the coming months, this page will fully come to life with inspiring content, insights and tips & tricks from our digital experts at The Reference.

We might not know what’s coming. Yet we can definitely prepare for it. Together.
Become digitally resilient with The Reference.

- Anja Cappelle, Chief Executive Officer

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