Time to Pivot

Be bold. Stay ahead.
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A new reality means new habits and consumer choices. Staying the course and sticking to marketing strategies and tactics that you have been running for years, will most likely not do the trick in today’s context. Nor should you panic and focus solely on short-term gains.

Now is the time to be bold, switch things up, and adopt a more agile marketing mindset.

Dare to rethink the technology you use, the design of your team and the channels you target.

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Yes, it is time to pivot

As a full-service digital agency we have identified five crucial steps that will help you stay ahead of the biggest changes in your sector.

  1. Identify the change - consumers and markets are changing rapidly, with a bigger emphasis on a multi-channel decision making process and increased importance of the right branding in the right place.
  2. Increase marketing agility - a changing context demands more experimentation and quick decision making. Through an agile marketing approach, you’ll be able to identify what works and what doesn’t in a fast and cost-efficient way.
  3. Leverage automation and data - more than ever, the future of marketing is data-driven. By analyzing your marketing data, you’ll be able to move fast and make the right choices. Data can help you with automation as well, freeing up more time to focus on experimentation and strategy.
  4. Reconsider your technology stack - a more agile, data-driven and automated approach, means you will need the right tools to get the job done. Make sure you use the technology that can facilitate you in this new way of working.
  5. Re-invent your marketing team - it’s time to have a critical look at your marketing team. A more data-driven and agile approach, with an emphasis on automation, will likely ask for different roles to get the job done. Maybe you will have to move some people around and hire new expertises into your team.

An introduction by Managing Director Anja Cappelle

Don’t lose yourself in short-term thinking, nor in the strategies that have serviced you well over the years.

rounded picture Anja Cappelle

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Ask any experienced entrepreneur and they’ll tell you: change is something of all times. At The Reference, we also have experienced change for ourselves many times. In a sector that went through many highs and lows before finally maturing, we have had our fair share of challenges that eventually would make us into the full-service digital agency we are today... continue reading >

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Identify the change

Increase marketing agility

Leverage automation and data

Reconsider your technology stack

Re-invent your marketing team

Identify the change

Remapping the customer journey in a rapidly changing market reality


Remapping the customer journey webinar

Customer behavior is changing at a rapid pace. You need to adapt your marketing strategy to make sure your brand will continue to connect with the right people. In this webinar, two of our strategy experts talk about remapping the customer journey of your audience, so that you can still reach them where and when it's relevant.

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Increase marketing agility

Balancing creativity and performance in a marketing campaign


marketing agility webinar

When is a marketing campaign really successful? When it's creatively unique, or rather when it's meticulously optimized for the highest performance? A combination of both would obviously be the best answer, but this often is more challenging than it looks. That's why our design director and digital marketing expert have teamed up to help you find the balance between creativity and performance, so you can find the perfect middle ground.

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Leverage automation and data

How to work more efficiently and effectively through automation processes


automation and data webinar

Technology can help today's marketers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever. Our experts will help you discover the impact of data and automation on the role of a marketer in your organization through some specific use cases.

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Reconsider your technology stack

Finding the technology stack you actually need


Technology stack webinar

In today's context, your organization has to move faster and be more adaptable to change than ever. Having the right technology and tools to do this is crucial. Discover how, through clever digital platform engineering, you can set your organization up for a more agile way of marketing, that is both flexible and scalable.

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Re-invent your marketing team

Is your organization ready for growth?


Reinvent marketing team webinar

The skills and capabilities required to set your business up for success change constantly. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look to find out if your organization is still designed the way it's supposed to be for your goals. Is your business ready for growth? Our experts will help you find the answer in this webinar.

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